One thought on “150 years of Hardy

  1. Hmm. Both the English and Welsh Rugby Union teams and the British Broadcasting Corporation and UK Independent TV channels have been using similar stirring words ‘n’ visuals History ‘n’ Heritage stuff for a number of years now. Me being me, with more adblockers and privacy software on my computer than MI6, GCHQ, Langley and the CIA combined, I go out of my way to avoid all such stuff. Here is Welsh rugby going “all triumph and disaster Rudyard Kipling” the other year. Not quite such a disaster when it narrowly lost to the currently all-powerful French team in Cardiff on Friday evening, though (which an old Argentina and Chile fishing pal of mine just insisted that I attend, then fish for trout with him and a couple of his pals who were also at the match yesterday – I managed to catch a couple, so suppose I at least sort of won). Anyway, back to all the wonderful sound, fury and passion…..

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