One thought on “Why Yellowstone officials are poisoning its rivers

  1. Year 2016 marked the second consecutive year that some Yellowstone cutthroat trout were salvaged from the rotenone poisoning project in Soda Butte Creek while the non-native brook trout were killed. No rainbows or obviously hybrid cuttbows were found. Estimates from fisheries biologists say that just two (2) brook trout were found and killed in 2016; down from 450 in 2015. Only 1,000 native Yellowstone cutthroat trout were salvaged in 2016; down from 3,000 in 2015. 800 hatchery raised Yellowstone cutthroat trout were then stocked in 2016. Insect counts from 2015 show a drastic decrease in mayflies and a dramatic increase in caddis. The 2016 insect counts are not yet documented.

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