Ultimate Skeena Fishing Guide


The guys at Pesqa have put together the ultimate guide for fishing the Skeena River. Featuring run time graphics for all species, temperature charts, and helpful tips, the site provides a novel, informative way for anglers to learn about the Skeena and maximize their experience on this world-class water. Take a few minutes to check it out.



One thought on “Ultimate Skeena Fishing Guide

  1. Why on earth would any conscious angler or organization ever promote something so incredibly ignorant. What good does this do for the resource??? Telling the whole world exactly what to do, where to go, what to use… What does this equate to, well let’s see ummmmm nothing but added pressure on the fragile fish. Have a look at the long term skeena test fishery, the numbers are on a steady decline (there’s less fish). But hey let’s tell everyone what to do so there’s no learning experience, just a bunch of instant experts. We’re not making any more wild fish and certainly not creating more rivers but instead creating websites that drastically increase pressure on these fish, the balance is continually shifting away from the fish themselves. For once I’d like to see these types of websites promote something in the interest of the fish instead of the angler. So many of these self proclaimed steelheaders contribute absolutely nothing to this precious resource or these fish they pretend to hold sacred. As if LNG development, mining, logging, commercial fishing, technology improvement, etc aren’t enough factors for skeena steelhead to deal with, no let’s create a tell all website so anyone can show up and add to the increasing gong show on the skeena. Congrats on making a buck on one of the most significant and delicate fisheries left on earth. Way to go. Disappointing.

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