Throwback Thursday: Holiday Edition

A classic from the 2010 Chum 12 Days of Christmahanakwanzaka.


Angler's Spray_edited-1

Those mad scientists at 3M have done it again with their new Spray on Angler Legend Series. A small amount of this spray in the face will turn any average Joe fly guy into an aged fly fishing legend complete with large supply of witty anecdotes, out and out lies and obscure fly fishing advice

Spray on Angler

The wizened appearance is guaranteed to last long enough for a full day at the fly show tying table, and each can holds enough for a dozen transformations. To avoid any long term genetic damage, 3M advises that you use Spray on Angler no more than twice a week. Excessive use may result in a severe allergic reaction to graphite, carbon fiber and indicators.


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