Take Action: Olympic Peninsula Sportfishing Rule Changes


Despite the implementation of several conservation-minded policies, wild steelhead populations on Washington’s famed Olympic Peninsula (OP) are still slipping toward collapse. It is a gut wrenching prospect. For the last decade, the Wild Steelhead Coalition has worked tirelessly to conserve and rebuild this fledgling steelhead stock. A major component of that work has been pushing for forward thinking sportfishing regulations that minimize anglers’ impact and enable us to “fish through recovery.” These rule changes are modeled after successful wild steelhead conservation regulations from Oregon, British Columbia, and other areas.

After years of hard work and persistence, a suite of simple, commonsense proposals that conserve wild steelhead and preserve our angling heritage are up for consideration. Anglers across the country now have the opportunity to speak up and make these critically important proposals a reality. Please take a minute to express your support for these rule changes and help protect some of the greatest wild steelhead left on the planet.

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Photo Credit: Dave McCoy, Dave McCoy Photography


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