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Even though it’s still September, we are so stoked about the revival of Slab of the Month and the keepemwet twist that we are getting a jump on the October contest. So send us a pic of your fresh slab to Please include your name, general location (no need to advertise your water), less than 10 second certification, and a quick blurb on how it all went down. If we don’t post your slab, don’t pout – true slabs don’t grow on trees.

To get a rundown of the new slab rules, see below…

Keepemwet Principles – The Chum is proud to be partnering with our buddies over at the keepemwet campaign to help ensure the slabs you reel in are released healthy, so they can grow even slabbier and be caught again. What that means for you is:

1)  Slabs need to be kept wet. We encourage you to photograph ’em with their mouth and gills submerged. You can remove slabs from the water for a quick second, but they need to be held slightly above the water. Sorry but no bank or boat shots or fish raised to the sky.

2)  Images only capture a snapchat of fish handling, so we’re asking submitters to certify that their slab was out of the water for less than 10 seconds total during the entire handling event.

3)  Fish need to be held horizontally and supported with one or two wet hands.  No boga grips or lippin. And remember, you can love ’em but don’t hug ’em.

4)  In some places it is illegal to remove certain species from the water, such as wild steelhead, salmon, and bull trout in Washington, so make sure your grip and grin is legal.

photo credit: Dave McCoy



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