Patagonia Environmental + Social Initiatives 2015


In the conventional model of philanthropy, the big funders—corporations and foundations—mainly support big professional environmental groups. The large national organizations (those with budgets over $5 million) are doing important work but they make up just 2% of all environmental groups, yet receive more than 50% of all environmental grants and donations.

Meanwhile, funding the environmental movement at a grassroots level—where change happens from the bottom up and lasts—has never been more important. But these groups continue to be woefully underfunded.

The funding paradigm is out of balance. Patagonia aims to change it.

LINK (via: The Cleanest Line)

To see the full breadth of Patagonia’s environmental and social initiatives for 2015, check out their digital booklet or pick up a printed copy from a Patagonia store near you.


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