One thought on “How to tie a Needle Knot

  1. If I was going to the extra steps of doing that (over a regular nail knot) I would be attaching a 2′ – 3′ fairly heavy level section of ‘butt’ that I could attach leaders to with double or triple surgeon’s knots allowing several leader changes before I had to go through all of that again. Also the nail knot he compared to was a poor example in that the small tag of fly line hadn’t been trimmed back, a small taper is even possible with a curved nipper (fingernail clipper). As a final step to achieve a smooth transition through the guides I also add a small droplet of super glue to my nail knots and roll the knot with my fingers after it is partially set.
    It was a good tutorial video and I’ll probably try the needle-nail knot but as above with a butt section rather then the actual leader — fishing time is too precious to go through all of that for each fresh leader.

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