How The New Chum Works


Thanks for your patience as we get the new Chum rolling and work out all of the kinks. We appreciate your comments and words of encouragement. This site has been a labor of love since 2005 and these comments keep us going…

Speaking of which, the comments are turned on, so hit us up with your thoughts on anything and everything moldy.

The new site design is a pretty big departure from the previous iteration, so we wanted to take a minute and explain how this new layout works. It may take a little while to get used to but we’re pumped about all of the new things the website will enable us to do. And even though we look different, we’re still the same Chum that has been bringing you new, fresh content every day for 10 years.

So here’s a rundown of how the new layout works:

  1. The slider (where you found this post) will host our story of the day. It may stay the same for a day or two, but we will regularly change it out to ensure the best, most important chum is front and center.
  2. The other two boxes on the top will host our featured posts, things like the Redington Giveaway, Slab of the Month, Weekly Wallpaper, and several other features we’ll be rolling out over the next few months. These posts will stay up for a couple days at a time.
  3. Below the slider and featured posts is Fresh Chum, which is home to six of our freshest posts. It’s today’s news. Think of it as the first page on the old site.
  4. As we upload new content into Fresh Chum, that older content will migrate into Slightly Moldy Chum, so it is basically page two on the old site.
  5. Beneath that are two blocks that host our contests – Slab of the Month and the Redington Giveaway. These will be kept fresh but won’t change too often.
  6. On the right just below the ads is a block that lists our most popular posts, recent comments, and our tags. It’s the best way to follow what’s trending on the Chum.
  7. Last but certainly not least are four blocks containing the most recent posts of our favorite topics – art, conservation, videos, and vintage chum. These blocks are the best way to see the fresh posts in your interest area.

We load every post into our archive, which is essentially a blog roll that chronologically lists all of our posts. So if you yearn for the days of old, head to the Archives and you will have a layout that more resembles the historic site.

We hope that makes sense.


9 thoughts on “How The New Chum Works

    1. Should continue to improve.
      You can also bookmark the archives page and you’ll get it pretty much the way the old site was set up.

  1. No offense, but if you have to publish a post explaining how to use the website, then you may want to revisit how usable the new site actually is. 😉

    I think the new site “looks” good, but in the end its very chaotic to try and actually use. The old site was perhaps too simple to some, but it was effective and easy to use!! Many people will love your new site, but I’m not one of them. I’d much prefer to show up, scroll down to see what stories I missed recently, and get on with my day. The new site just confuses me…

    1. Hey Greg,
      Appreciate the feedback….
      Bookmark the archives page and you’ll get it pretty much the way you have in the past.

  2. I am a confirmed Luddite, so take it with a grain of salt, but I don’t like the look of the new site – too busy and (to use Greg’s term, chaotic). I liked the clean, simple look of the old site.

    Content remains excellent – thanks!

  3. OK have to say new format doe’s not hold my attention like the old page. I visited your page everyday in the past now about once a week.

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