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Idaho Wild Steelhead and Salmon Need Your Help 

Washington and Oregon have made changes to their regulations to emphasize proper fish handling. Tell Idaho Fish and Game they need to do the same by filling out their online Angler Input form.

Comments are being accepted through 3/29.

LINK (via: Idaho Council of Trout Unlimited)


Keep wild steelhead wet! 

Infographic courtesy of Rich Simms

Wild winter steelhead enter our coastal rivers in a more mature condition and closer to spawn timing with fish sometimes caught within hours to days of freshwater entry or in their holding and spawning areas. This vulnerable condition makes them susceptible to loss in fry production by improper handling practices and exposure to air. Let’s work together to reduce our impact by keeping wild steelhead underwater.

Download the full-size image HERE.


Wild Steelheaders United

This short edited and shot by Shane Anderson was screened at last night's Seattle Wild Steelheaders United launch party.


Come on in, the water is fine!

Yes Virginia, steelhead are trout too.

Today is the launch day for Wild Steelheaders United.

From TU:

Wild Steelheaders United was established to educate and mobilize the numerous wild steelhead advocates wanting to engage in the Initiative. It is a place where anglers can become more informed about wild steelhead biology and ecology, keep abreast policy issues, and learn about Trout Unlimited's conservation work.

We may not always agree. We may not always have the answers. But we steelheaders share a common vision and for the future of wild steelhead. Together, we are a community with strength.

With millions of dollars invested on the ground, Trout Unlimited supports this vision through the Wild Steelhead Initiative.

Learn more at and

TU's commitment to putting some real skin in the steelhead conservation game is a very good thing.

That said, this launch is also a great opportunity to recognize and celebrate the tireless work of the organizations and individuals, many of them just volunteers who, have for decades been on the front lines fighting on behalf of wild steelhead. The work at times has been frustrating, and there have been disagreements along the way. But there has always been one singular focus; it's about the fish. Even more importantly those same individuals and the groups they represent have inspired many like myself to also take up the cause. I'd hate to think what the state of wild steelhead would be today as TU officially enters the fray without all of their efforts.

I look forward to seeing my fellow wild steelhead advocates both past and future at Earl's place in Seattle this evening. The water is indeed fine.


TAKE ACTION - Prevent the collapse and ESA listing of wild steelhead on Washington's Olympic Peninsula


Here's your chance to make a strong statement on behalf of the wild native steelhead on the OP.

It will only take a second for you to send a message to Washington Gov. Jay Inslee urging him to prevent the collapse of wild native steelhead on the Olympic Peninsula.

Sign the petition and help the spread the word.

Just do it!


Fighting Against the Current: Keeping Steelhead in Morro Bay 

Each year, local steelhead make the journey from fresh to saltwater by means of the Morro Bay Estuary. But over the past several decades, their population numbers have been steadily declining. Check out our video to learn more about this awesome fish and find out what you can do to help conserve water and ensure this species remains safe in Morro Bay!