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Entries in the 12 days of christmahanakwanza (17)


On the 3rd Day of Christmahanakwanza

What angler would not be psyched to pimp their ride with a fish hood ornament from Lejeune? The name Lejuene has been synonymous with first class bronze founding and automotive bling for the better part of 100 years, what a unique gift for the angling car enthusiast.

Choose from fresh or salt water game fish in the standard chrome or select from a variety of other optional finish options such as gold plated, enameled or bronze.

Get yours today.


On the 4th Day of Christmahanakwanza

Those mad scientists at 3M have done it again with their new Spray on Angler Legend Series. A small amount of this spray in the face will turn any average Joe fly guy into an aged fly fishing legend complete with large supply of witty anecdotes, out and out lies and obscure fly fishing advice.

The wizened appearance is guaranteed to last long enough for a full day at the fly show tying table, and each can holds enough for a dozen transformations. To avoid any long term genetic damage, 3M advises that you use Spray on Angler no more than twice a week. Excessive use may result in a severe allergic reaction to graphite, carbon fiber and indicators.


On the 5th Day of Christmahanakwanza

Now you can make that special fly angler and Orvis devotee really smile with this exclusive limited edition Battenkill Floss Reel. Manufactured by Hardy's House of Bicuspid in Britain, the ancestral home of fly fishing and poor dental hygiene, this marvelous reel is a convenient way to insure clean teeth and healthy gums while on the river. The Battenkill Floss Reel's precision machined design insures an accurate release of floss with minimal tug, and the flanged spool allows for precise palming in emergency situations such as corn on the cob or salt water taffy. Optional spare spools are also available so you can quickly switch from a standard floss set up to waxed, mint flavored or Glide.

But wait! There's more!

If you act right now, Orvis is offering a free Helios Dental Floss pick with every Battenkill Floss Reel purchase! When you pick up the Helios Floss Pick you’ll be stunned by how light and balanced it is—a direct result of Orvis's patent-pending thermoplastic, thermoset resin inserts used from tip to butt.This pick loads quickly and crisply for unmatched flossing power and is the perfect companion to your Floss Reel.

Act fast, supplies are limited!


On the 6th Day of Christmahanakwanza

This holiday season give the ultimate gift to your best fly fishing pal, the gift of eternal rest. The Fly Fisherman Wood Urn from Mainly Urns and Memorials is a sleek and strong urn that is personalized to more appropriately memorialize that special fishing buddy. Each urn is made out of Red Oak. The engraved face is replaced with a Red Alder wood for a perfected engraving.

The Fly Fisherman Urn comes in sizes from medium to double extra large. The general rule of thumb is that 1 lb of body weight will yield approximately 1 cubic inch of ash so be sure to order the appropriate size.


On the 7th Day of Christmahanakwanza

The McFly Wading Jacket is the perfect gift for that angler who wants to disrupt the space time continuum. Not only is this space age jacket self adjusting and self drying, it's guaranteed to make everyday on the river like you should have been here yesterday.


On the 8th Day of Christmahanakwanza

Ring in the holiday cheer with this limited edition, "Famous People who have Fly Fished" beer glass set from  Red Truck Fly Fishing. Have a fishing buddy who can't get enough of A River Runs Through It and won't shut up about Oprah's fly fishing ? Well just think how thrilled they'll be when they open up this hand painted beer glass set featuring their favorite celebrity fly fishers. In addition to Brad and Oprah, you also get Pirates of the Flats star Michael Keaton and our greatest fly fishing president since Millard Filmore, Jimmy Carter.

But wait! That's not all! Act now and you'll get this bonus set of glasses featuring some of the greatest living legends of the fishing world. Detailed images of Kreh, Wejebe, Bie and Martin are painstakingly transferred onto these glasses using an exclusive process developed by Red Truck. The images are so life like you'll feel like your actually having a beer with one these fishing legends.


Order before midnight tonight and these eight great collectible glasses are yours for $283.79 or 37 easy payments of $7.67.