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Boca Grande Tarpon Season Drone Footage

Mmmmm drone.


Best-Selling Author Randy Wayne White Crusades to Protect Tarpon

To hear author, restaurateur and angling activist Randy Wayne White tell it, as he recently did at his Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grille on Sanibel Island, all of us Southwest Floridians are here because of a fish.

Because of its fight, the lightning-quick way it rolls and leaps when it strikes, and because of its strength and beauty. That fish is Megalops atlanticus, an archaic, cow-eyed, thick-jawed feeding machine that can reach eight feet in length and weigh 250 pounds. Tourists call it “tar-pon.” The rest of us say “tarp-in.” No matter how you pronounce the name, the tarpon with its silver-dollar scales has always meant money, and that’s at the heart of a recent controversy that embroiled White and the organizers of a high-stakes fishing tournament down in Boca Grande.

LINK (via: Sarasota Magazine)


Vintage Chum - The Book of Tarpon


Sept. 2013 SOTM Entry: Glades Poon

Chummist B Katz had some luck in the Glades earlier in the month.


Holbox Big Tarpon Mexico Fly Cast America & Mendoza Fly Shop


Possible World Record Tarpon Caught and Released

Four anglers fishing with Florida captain Justin Moore landed a monster tarpon last week that could have broken the world record. Drew Denick, Ron Joyce, and Jeremy and Jan Tombl chartered a boat with Moore for a day of tarpon fishing on the Gulf of Mexico.

Tarpon was approx. 96-inches long with a 53-inch girth which would put it in the 300 pound range. The current world record is 286 pounds. 

LINK (via: Outdoor Life)