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Beavis and Butthead go steelhead fishing

1. Scientists concerned someone might want to do some angling for endangered steelhead.

2. Scientists set up a motion activated camera creekside.

3. Hello, Fish and Wildlife?

LINK (via:The Santa Barbara Independent)


Restoration effort benefits steelhead trout in San Francisquito Creek

The hard-luck steelhead trout of San Francisquito Creek will have one less obstacle to surmount once the storms of winter set the stage for their annual spawning runs.

A construction team has removed a century-old concrete barrier from a section of the creek in El Palo Alto Park on the Palo Alto-Menlo Park border, restoring the streambed to a more natural course. The roughly 40-foot-wide structure, known as a weir, had acted at times as a dam, trapping the federally threatened fish on either side.

LINK (via:The San Mateo County Times)


Up a Creek

Once there were about 50,000 fish from Santa Maria down to Baja, and now there are less than 500.

Mission & State takes a comprehensive look at Southern California steelhead recovery efforts.



Beavers, fish and cows: Restless co-existence 

The complex and sometimes controversial role that beavers play in the lives of fish in Oregon's John Day River System.

State and federal biologists usually tout beaver dams as good for fish passage under the right conditions. Ranchers, on the other hand, sometimes worry the impoundments will shrink steelhead runs, leaving cattle to catch accusations of environmental damage.

LINK (via:Oregon Live)


35,000 steelhead trout rescued from Carmel River

Due to drier than normal conditions, the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District initiated its annual Steelhead Rescue Program in the Carmel River in April, several months early. As of July 1, the program has rescued and relocated 35,000 of the endangered trout and will continue its efforts through the season as the Carmel River has dried back from the ocean almost 6 miles.

LINK (via:The Californian)


Idaho town and farmers aim to demolish old dam to help threatened steelhead 

This summer town leaders, farmers and state biologists aim to demolish the 10-foot-high Dutch Flat Dam and restore Little Bear Creek to a more-natural state to give its steelhead a better shot at producing Idaho’s next generation of oceangoing rainbow trout.

LINK (via: The Washington Post)