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Plan to save Pescadero steelhead succeeds

After 20 years of fish kills in the Pescadero Marsh, an experimental project to prevent steelhead trout from dying was so successful it will likely be tried again next year, federal officials said.

LINK (via: The Daily Journal)


Steelhead Vibes

Steelhead Vibes - Salmon River from BLOODKNOTS on Vimeo.

Salmon River, Idaho. 7 days, 70 + hours of flies in the water and not a tug. Shenanigans ensued.


Nov. SOTM Winner

Annette Lauder - B.C. steel wins the Nov. SOTM - Cheeky Gift is on the way...


ODFW 2013 Winter Steelhead Guide

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife recently released its 2013 Winter Steelhead Guide.

The guide offers novice steelhead anglers an overview of where and when to fish during the upcoming winter steelhead season. For more experienced anglers, the guide also includes updates on access and regulations, and lists other changes that could affect fishing.

LINK (via: Outdoor Hub)


A wise angler will shut up and listen to anyone with 30 years of steelhead fishing experience

In the case of Dan Magers, steelheaders should go further, forking over $25 and devoting a few evenings to serious study of his new book.

Magers, of Bigfork, has backed his steelheading savvy with detailed records of Idaho’s Clearwater River. The information will boost the probability of catching steelhead in varying conditions in any river using any method, he said.

LINK (via: The Missoulian)


B.C. 2012

Here's a brief peek into this year's trip North.  The minute our feet touched ground, the Queen Charlotte's hit us with a grumpy burp.


First run.



Pit-stop hen.

It's good to be home.  The two wheel drive R.V. threw some anxiety into the trip, but there were a few happy fish that reminded us why we do what we do...