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A wise angler will shut up and listen to anyone with 30 years of steelhead fishing experience

In the case of Dan Magers, steelheaders should go further, forking over $25 and devoting a few evenings to serious study of his new book.

Magers, of Bigfork, has backed his steelheading savvy with detailed records of Idaho’s Clearwater River. The information will boost the probability of catching steelhead in varying conditions in any river using any method, he said.

LINK (via: The Missoulian)


B.C. 2012

Here's a brief peek into this year's trip North.  The minute our feet touched ground, the Queen Charlotte's hit us with a grumpy burp.


First run.



Pit-stop hen.

It's good to be home.  The two wheel drive R.V. threw some anxiety into the trip, but there were a few happy fish that reminded us why we do what we do...


Nov. SOTM Entry: Lk. Ontario Trib Buck

Chris Reid with some straight and clean eastern steel.  


Oregon Chrome Part 2

If you liked Oregon Chrome part 1 then watch this...


Steelhead Superstition withTravis Lucas


They just cannot accept that wild steelhead in BC will never be available for their killing pleasure

A representative of the B.C. Wildlife Federation has claimed that the "abundance" of wild steelhead returning to the Skeena in British Columbia should allow sports fishers to kill Skeena steelhead. Rob Brown set them straight in the Terrace Standard. 

Then Bill Bosch, President of the BCWF, came back with this lame response.

So then the North Coast Steelhead Alliance eloquently let Mr. Bosch have it......with both barrels.

You have to love the BCWF’s “…primary objective is conservation…”  They just cannot accept that wild steelhead in BC will never be available for their killing pleasure. Every year, local BCWF representatives send poisonous letters to the Ministry of Environment demanding steelhead kill fisheries and every year the Ministry dutifully replies that the idea is a non-starter.

While the BCWF is entitled to voice their opinions, on issues like steelhead kill they should just give up…it will never happen….and be assured it certainly won't happen on our watch.

This bit of steelhead trivia from Rob Brown's piece will sober you up. The historic steelhead returns to California’s Eel river alone rivalled that of the entire Skeena drainage.

Now ask yourself why we still allow for the recreational harvest of wild steelhead in the lower 48.