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Wild Steelhead Coalition General Membership Meeting

Tomorrow night the Wild Steelhead Coalition will be hosting its annual winter membership meeting at the University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture NHS Hall. The meeting starts at 6:30 with some free food and drinks followed by a a showing of the film Where Hope Resides. With the recent announcement of closures on the Skagit, Sauk and Green Rivers due to poor returns, now more than ever organizations like the WSC need your support.


"It was the perfect storm of conditions for fish"

The Wall Street Journal takes a stab at understanding our finned friends in the Pacific.

"The main reason for the population surge, scientists here say, is a brief period of cooling in the Northern Pacific ocean in 2008. Cooler currents brought in fatter plankton, which salmon and steelhead smolts thrive on, said ODFW spokesman Rick Swart. Temperatures have since warmed up again."


Waiting for the Ministry

The long-awaited ministry response to the Skeena Quality Waters working groups recommendations should be in by the end of January, from the promised November 2009 publish date.

LINK (Via: Houston Today)


Early 29 pounder bites the dust on the Hoh

A magnificent fish meets a sad end in a Lower Hoh tribal gill net.


Steelhead Religion

Writing about steelhead and trout fishing and stuff.



'The worst part of losing good fish is that you cannot release them. They tailwalk across the back of your mind for days.' - Christopher Camuto

Spent a sunny and crisp Christmas Eve out on the OP chasing steelhead. I managed to go 0 for 4 and Jordan landed 3 fish..... including this one seriously pissed off tape measure worthy buck.