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kind of a big deal

To raise a steelhead on a dry is one thing, but to get footage of it is kind of a big deal.


The Tube Fly Tech Swim Tank 

Tony DiBenedetto of Tube Fly Tech has recently manufactured a “swim tank” for testing tube flies and other standard streamer type patterns right off the fly tying vice before they are fished in your favorite stream or river.

LINK (Via: John Nagy's Steelhead Journal)


Aug Slab of the Month Entry: Deschutes Steelhead

Marni Sickles (better half of 2008 Slab of the Year winner - Sam) shows two chromers she'd recently taken - her first steel on the deuce.

Comments welcome, but remember, Mr. Sickles is a regular on the Chum and we can offer no protection from any virtual whoopings that may potentially ensue. 


Fat Jack the Steelhead

Picked up this print by Don Nisbett at The Gorge Fly Shop in Hood River.


June Slab of the Month Results

Thanks for the 706 votes Chum Nation - nice community contribution for sure!  June was a tough one.   As such, we're making an executive decision to announce Co-Winners.

Sammy Hignell-Stark (the people's choice) and Alex Lovett-Woodsum (the choice where pure slabbage simply cannot be ignored) should be proud.  Many a entry was worthy and these ladies kicked a very solid amount of buttocks.

Stay tuned for July voting. We've got another slab infested situation brewing.



Thompson River steelhead runs in 2008-09 lowest ever recorded

British Columbia's Thompson River, among the most storied steelhead rivers in the world for its huge, hard fighting fall steelhead once supported thousands of spawning steelhead annually. As recently as the 70s numbers were over 10 thousand.

Steelhead biologists confirmed this week what was predicted last fall -- Thompson River steelhead returns for 2008-09 are the lowest ever recorded.

850 returned to spawn this past spring and only 500 are expected next year.

LINK (Via: Osprey Steelhead News)