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Fish related BFRO encounter of the week: Chopaka


"Upon further examination I thought it was odd that the person was wearing a fur coat." More here at BFRO

Not to be confused with the 1996 Memorial Day sighting


T-Shirt of the Week

Been looking for this one for a while - found it here


Fishing related Squatch encounter of the week

"So, anyways... I was making my way across the west bay (very slowly - I WAS fishing) towards a point, and intended to methodically work the shoreline past the point to the farmhouse on the north corner of the lake. At the mid-point of my crossing, I heard it."  Read on at

Fishing related BFRO encounter of the week: Cowlitz River

I called the witness and we talked about what he heard. He was positioned along the south bank of the Cowlitz River, about 150 yards downstream from the boat launch. He and his partners heard what he described as chimpanzee-like screaming coming from the thick brush near the top of the slope. More on this Class B report can be found here

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Fishing related BFRO encounter of the week: Becharoff Lake

"What set this track apart from the others was it's enormous size and human shape. In one of the pictures that I took of this track, I placed my foot next to it on the ground, keep in mind I am wearing a size 13 boot. Whatever made this track was so heavy, heavier than the biggest bear, that it pushed the gravel so far into the earth that it made us truly speculate what we were looking at." 

Read more about this class B encounter...

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Fish related BFRO encounter of the week: Riffe Lake

About 150 yards off of the shore, I noticed something walking. My first thought was "it sure is awful warm to be bundled up like that".  And then immediately thought "your coat sleeves are really long".

Read more at BFRO