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Entries in GoPro Hero 3 (10)


HERO3 Software Update

The latest GoPro HERO3 camera software update fixes known bugs and enhances performance for all HERO3 editions.

Welcome news for those of us who have been struggling with wonky units.

In addition, this software update enables new video modes for HERO3: Black Edition cameras:

  • Narrow FOV for 1080p60 / 1080p30 / 720p60 fps
  • Medium FOV for 720p60 fps



GoPro Hero 3 - Firmware Update and Stability Issues

The GoPro HERO3 is an amazing camera but like anything new, there are some issues with the initial release.

Here is Hypoxic's list of issues with the GoPro HERO HD 3 Blacks:

Strikethrough means fixed!

LINK (via:hypoxic)

My new Hero 3, which had the latest software update, completely froze up on a recent trip to X-Mas island. Fortunately I had my Hero 2 along as a back up.


Wide Open Camera Combat Cage For The GoPro Hero 3

The Wide Open Camera GoPro Hero 3 Combat Cage will allow motion picture professionals to mount the camera safely almost anywhere.

(via: The Phoblographer)


Reports of GoPro Hero 3 Frying 64GB Micro SD Cards

A number of users over in the GoPro forums and beyond are reporting a serious problem with the GoPro Hero3. Two 32GB cards are a convienient workaround since they seem immune to the problem.

LINK (via: PetaPixel)


GoPro Hero3: Black Edition vs. Panasonic TS4

It's a cop opera....a copera.

If you're in the market for a new action cam, this video from Weapons of Mass Production takes a detailed and humorous look at the new GoPro vs. one of the better waterproof point and shoots, the Panasonic TS-4.

Check out the full write-up that has a more in-depth discussion of all the tech and what the findings were.

LINK (via:crisislab)


New Filter Accesory for GoPro Hero 3

Polar Pro Filters has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a trio of optical filters for the GoPro Hero 3. Red for use in tropical and blue water, Magenta for green and fresh water, and a Polarizer for sunny days and everything topside.

LINK (via: Popular Photography