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Entries in genetically modified fish (14)


Genetically Engineered Salmon Poses Higher Risks than FDA Claims  

New evidence casts further doubt on the safety of genetically modified salmon, which no government in the world has approved for human consumption.

LINK (via:telesur)


Did the Canadian Government Break the Law by Approving GM Salmon?

Environmental groups want a court to decide if the Canadian federal government violated its own law by permitting the manufacture of genetically modified salmon in Canada.

LINK (via:EcoWatch)


Hybrids of genetically-modified and wild fish outgrow their parents 

If genetically-modified (GM) salmon escape from farms and mate with wild fish from a different species, the results could be surprising. According to a study, the hybrid offspring grow even faster than the GM fish.

LINK (via: UW Conservation)


Genetically-modified salmon eggs approved commercially

Fuck you Environment Canada.

Environment Canada has given AquaBounty Technologies the go-ahead to produce genetically-modified salmon eggs on a commercial scale at its P.E.I. facility, the company has announced.

AquaBounty's hatchery in eastern P.E.I. has been a research-only production site, but now the company is saying the facility in Bay Fortune has the go-ahead from Environment Canada to produce the fish eggs on a commercial scale.

LINK (via:CBC News)


GM salmon can breed with trout and harm ecosystem

Genetically modified salmon, the gift that keeps on giving.

Genetically modified salmon could escape into the wild with devastating consequences for the ecosystem, a new study has warned.

LINK (via: The Independent)


Prevention of Escapement of Genetically Altered Salmon in the United States

That is the name of new legislation sponsored by Alaska Senator Mark Begich to ban genetically engineered salmon.

LINK (via: The Columbia Basin Bulletin)