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A Perfect Life & Love: Frank Moore at TEDxPortland 

Frank Moore at TEDxPortland


Moore is just as much defined by his war experience as his lifelong relationship with rivers

An in depth profile of Frank Moore and his return to Normandy for the making of the film Mending the Line.

LINK (via:The Clymb)


"Mending the Line" (Trailer)


Frank Moore Supporter Rewards

Frank Moore and his wife, Jeanne Moore, select the winners of rewards offered through the fundraising efforts for Mending the Line.

Mending the Line is a feature documentary in progress about 90 year old WWII veteran and fly fishing legend Frank Moore, returning to Normandy, France to fly-fish the rivers that he saw as a soldier.


Mending the Line Update

An update from the Uncage the Soul production team from their time with Frank Moore and his family in France.

Current projected completion for Mending the Line is the end of the year, with a release in the early part of 2014.


A Thank You From Frank Moore

Uncage the Soul shared this note from Frank Moore to all of the contributors to the Mending the Line project.

Dear Friends, those I know personally, and those I hope to see and know soon, so they will become close, loving friends also.

When this trip and filming project first came up I told the people in the production company I did not want them to solicit funding from friends and those who would give out of the goodness of their hearts, but to have Corporate Sponsorship. Their answer, my wife’s, my family, and many friends was, “Just remember one thing, you will be honoring all of those who have served, living and dead, as you retrace your steps through Europe oh so many years ago.”

I am so grateful, and yes so humbled, by the response individually from all of you to the call, (I still cannot believe it). Also to American Airlines for flying our son Frank, my wife Jeanne, and I, First Class from Portland to Frankfurt and return (WOW), and Patagonia for their above and beyond contribution to the trip.

Mark Hemstreet, Shilo Inns, is donating lodging for us coming and going also. Mark’s uncle, Bob Hemstreet, was in my unit during the war, and probably got as close to Berlin before VE Day as any American Soldier. Many years ago Mark donated a long weekend for a reunion of 75 members of our Unit, including rooms, meals, banquet, and a trip to Lincoln City so those from the east coast could see the Pacific Ocean.

I wish we could take each and every one of you with us on this amazing trip, that will take us to Luxembourg, and the American Cemetery there where we will be involved with the Memorial Day celebration, the streams of Normandy and Brittany to bring to life a dream of 70 years, then to June 6 services at the huge cemetery above Omaha Beach for that Memorial, as well as visiting the place where we went over the Dune at Utah Beach.

I will be carrying the names of everyone of you with us wherever we go, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and much more, for the gift you have given and are giving to us. Wish I could hug each one of you.

With love, Frank Moore