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Entries in fly tying (105)


Kiss the Water

"Kiss The Water," follows renowned fly fishing expert Megan Boyd, living remotely in Scotland's northern highlands, whose self-taught and made fishing flies have brought her great acclaim and reverence, making her something of a legend among fly-fishing enthusiasts. With admirers as distinguished as Prince Charles, among others, she has throughout her life become internationally renowned for her startling abilities, which Steel documents through interviews, animations, and stunning images of the landscape that she calls home.

The film will have its festival premiere on April 22 at the Tribeca Film Festival.

A NY Times profile of Boyd after she passed away in 2001.




Montana Fly Fishing Magazine Spring 2013

In this Issue:

-Fly fishing photographer/videographer Austin Trayser gets us started with photos he's collected while on the job in "On Location."

-Missoula-area writer Bill Pfeiffer uses words and photos to share his vision of fly fishing on the state's largest -river in "River Profile: The Clark Fork."

-Ehren Wells and Greg Lewis team up for an interview with lifelong teacher and longtime professional rod-builder: Howard Bethel.

-Contributor John Noreika and Bozeman-area guide Ken stock ply their skills at the vise, together with a few tyers from The Weekly Fly, to tie up some Spring Flies.

-Landscape photographer Michael Cramer offers his unique perspective of Montana's fly fishing culture in This Is Where We Fish.

-Livingston-based guide and artist Doug McKnight explains why It's Time to Hit the Lakes.



LOOP USA 2013 Mouse Tying Contest


Yes that’s right! Just what you’ve been waiting for! The LOOP USA 2013 Mouse Tying Contest!!! Don’t miss your Chance to win your very own LOOP BOOSTER Rod Complete with Multi 6/9 Reel! Check out the entry form for all the rules. Entries must be received by May 15th.

Download the Entry Form (PDF) here now!



Castapalooza, the Northeast Ohio celebration of fly casting and tying, looks to be another great one!

When:  Saturday, April 13, 2013, 9:00 AM to 4:00 pm
Where:  Lake County Metroparks Hidden Valley Park on the Grand River
              Off Rt. 528 south of I-90, Madison, OH

This years presenters: 

  • Greg Senyo- Steelhead Alley Outfitters
  • Will Turek- Midwest Spey Schools
  • Neil Houlding- Certified Two-Hand Casting Instructor
  • Jeff Liskay- Scott Rod/Scientific Anglers/Ross Reel/Patagonia Pro
  • Jerry Darkes- Great Lakes fly fishing writer

Plus other guests still to be announced!

There will be ongoing demonstrations and hands-on instruction along with displays of gear from local shops. Castapalooza is free of charge and open to the public.



Today’s NexGen Bonefish Flies by Dick Brown


Just as flies for other species suggest various food forms appropriate for attracting those quarry, so bonefish flies portray the creatures eaten by Albula vulpes. However fly patterns for this elusive species must accomplish a few other critical tasks besides just looking like dinner.

LINK (via: Frankenfly)

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