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Entries in fly tying (96)


International Fly Tying Symposium


Pig Farm Ink Iron Fly Week 2 

For week 2 the secret ingredients for fly tying night were found on the ground halloween night.

Support your local Pig Farm and get bitchin!


Swing the Fly Winter Steelhead & Spring Atlantic Salmon Fly Contest

Swing the Fly is pleased to announce their First Annual Winter Steelhead and Spring Atlantic Salmon Fly Contest, sponsored by Heritage Angling Products.

Tie up your favorite Original or Variation of a classic winter steelhead fly or spring Atlantic salmon fly. Entries will be judged on creativity, originality, tying ability, style and perceived fish catching effectiveness. Each entry must be submitted with an accompanying description of the fly, its origins and the name of the pattern. Be sure to give credit to the pattern originator if you are tying a variation of a classic pattern.



A new approach to fly tying tutorials


Chris Sandford talks about "Mayflies & More" 

Chris Sandford’s name has also become synonymous with the world of fishing and his collection of vintage tackle ranks amongst the finest in the UK. His ‘Vintage Fishing Tackle Roadshow’ is seen regularly at angling shows across the country, raising money for SPARKS (Sport Aiding Medical Research for Kids). His knowledge of the subject is reflected in his regular articles in The Angling Times and Fly Fishing & Fly Tying.

His first book, The Best of British Baits, traced the history of artificial lures from Izaac Walton’s silk minnow through to the 1930s. Medlar has since published a light collection of biographical stories, A Wellie Full of Water, a fly tying book, Flytyers' Flies - The Flies that Catch Fish and a DVD and booklet - Mayflies and More - that explain and demonstrate the tying of his ten favourite flies.


Kiss The Water

This is a clip from the BBC Scotland feature documentary by Eric Steel (THE BRIDGE), featuring animated sequences by Em Cooper.

The film tells the story of reclusive Scottish fishing-fly maker, Megan Boyd, who spent her life alone in a desolate cottage on the north eastern coast of Scotland, tying ever more beautiful fishing flies. Her work became famous and can now be seen in museums and collections, all over the world.

The feature documentary is woven with hand-painted animated sequences by Em Cooper, imagining Megan's inner world as she ties her flies. The animation was produced by Sue Loughlin at Film Club Productions.

The film premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in the USA and Edinburgh Film Festival in the UK.