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Entries in fly rods (35)


Building Stickman Rods

Stickman rods are individually built in Spain and Hungary paying the greatest possible attention to every detail throughout the process.


BD Morrow Fly Rods/ A Makers Story

Sometimes, when two film makers get together and one gets in front of the camera... nothing but epic hilarity goes down.


2014 Yellowstone Angler 8 Weight Shootout

After a three year hiatus the 8 weight shootout returns.



Physics Give Rise to a New Fly Rod

A primer on the Articsilver Free-Flex fly rod from the materials company that helped make it a reality.

The fly rod which is the brain-child of Robert Selfors utilizes a new innovative hollow handle to enable the angler to achieve greater casting length with less physical effort.

The first step into the world market will be a launch of the new rod on a road show for anglers in the United States next year.



Are Lifetime Warranties Hurting Premium Fly Rod Sales? 

David Leinweber, owner of Angler’s Covey in Colorado Springs, boldly takes on one of the fly fishing industry's sacred cows, the lifetime rod warranty.

LINK (via: Angling Trade)

Time for a change?

Earlier this year Transworld Business did a rant on the impact of no questions asked retail return polices on  the snowboard industry. While not quite apples to apples, some of the talking points are essentially the same.

The two retailers featured prominently in the Transworld piece, REI and Backcounty, have changed their lifetime 100% satisfaction policies to just one year.


After 10 years, Patterson's lost fly rod is back

Herb (not Hank) Patterson lost a fly rod that had some true sentimental value off his kick boat in 2003.

Ten years later he got it back.

LINK (via:The Daily Herald)