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Dale Douglas, fishin' and flyin' 

Dale has two passions. Flying and taking people fishing. He gets to do both as he flies adventure-hungry fishermen to secret fishing spots in the Chilcotin wilderness of BC, Canada.

via: Play With the Best


Pêcheurs de saumons en Norvège


USAC Announces the 2013 Fall Video Contest

The Utah Stream Access Coalition (USAC) is inviting members and supporters to enter its Fall Video Contest.

Between now and November 15th enter a 3-minute video and help make a difference in the fight for  maintaining public access and use of Utah’s public waters and streambeds.

Bonus is you might also win some prize packages from William Joseph, Montana Fly Company, and Kast Extreme Fishing Gear.


Promo #4: Bloopers


GoPro Studio 2.0 Hands-On

GoPro Studio 2.0 is scheduled to be released today

The GoPro video editing suite is essentially, a pared-down editing program, designed to make putting together your personal highlight reel easier. It provides a simple way to import footage, speed it up or slow it down, crop, and make image adjustments (like removing the fisheye lens distortion, or adjusting color or contrast). It's also handy for making a timelapse out of a bunch of stills, and perhaps best of all, it's much easier to work with footage shot at different resolutions/frame rates compared to even pro-level editing suites (no conversions required). The newest feature, which actually might tempt people to use Studio 2.0 for action cam videos, is templates.

LINK (via: Gizmodo)


But I'm not here to have my corset ripped off