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Controlled Burn

Bobby Foster tees up some choice hook, hunt and fire supression footage. 


The Lure Of Northwest Steelhead Fishing

Some of the nicest weather you'll ever see steelhead fishing.


Inside your mind

The description is in Italian and roughly translates to....

A time to relax, and inside our heads a rain of memories, passions and emotions swirling mix up in our passion to merge again.


Building Stickman Rods

Stickman rods are individually built in Spain and Hungary paying the greatest possible attention to every detail throughout the process.


SIFF13: Islands

As always Peter delivers the goods.

SIFF13:Islands is the fifth edition in a series of independent projects to capture a year spent fly fishing surf and inshore waters . "SIFF" is simply short for Surf & Inshore Fly Fishing.

Here's Peter climbing back aboard the No Name with his multiple camera rigs.....I was fortunate to be with him when he shot some of his Christmas Island footage.


Introducing Sport Shop Fishing from Eddie Bauer

When Eddie Bauer made the call to return to fishing, it was a return to the roots of our brand. Eddie Bauer’s first Sport Shop in downtown Seattle focused on hunting and fishing, and his passion for the pursuits was so strong that he would close his shop for weeks at a time each fall to disappear to the rivers, lakes, and coastal waters within his home state. His time in the field influenced the products he trusted, the gear he sold, and the clothing he put his name on.

This field mentality is why we linked up with a team of world-class fishing guides to build our new fishing collection and why we looked to the fishing in our home state as a testing ground. Few locations match the fishing diversity in Washington, including everything from saltwater and coastal streams to mountain creeks, freestone rivers, and desert tailwaters. But Washington is known for its steelhead, and our eastside rivers offer some of the best summer-run steelhead fishing in the U.S. In addition, the Yakima River is a classic tailwater and Washington’s blue ribbon trout stream. Yet for destination fishing trips, Washington is often overlooked.