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GEOBASS: Mexico Part 2 

Following a rough go the first time through Mexico the crew feels like there is definitely unfinished business that drives them to go back. In a desperate move to up their bass fishing odds they attempt to contact Bass legend and Bassmaster owner Jerry McKinnis. After finally convincing Jerry they aren't telemarketers they ask if he can offer them any advice on bass fishing and even try to convince him to come along with them on a bass expedition. The crew also heads to the Bassmaster Classic in Birmingham where they pick the brains of bass pros for insider info. Taking what they have learned they will try and apply these techniques and adapt them to their fly fishing bass quest and redeem themselves on the lakes of Mexico


Fly Masters - How To Effectively Deal With Snaggers 


GoPro App Update

New features in the latest GoPro Android and iOS applications include a newly designed user interface together with a new automatic Wi-Fi connection. Enabling the GoPro camera to automatically search and connect to any GoPro camera network that might be in immediate vicinity.

LINK (via: Geeky Gadgets)


Steelhead Fishing

This steelhead short made its first appearance almost 4 years ago on You Tube where it garnered over 140K views.

Well it's back, this time on Vimeo, and certainly worth watching again.


I'll see your Yvon Chouinard....and raise you John Gierach.


The River Keeper - Promo

The chalk rivers of Hampshire are known among the angling fraternity across the globe as the birth place of fly fishing - a mere mention of the name 'Test' or 'Itchen' conjures up images of balmy summer evenings, heavy spinner falls and gluttonous trout rising freely ... But what happens after October?