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Doc of the Drakes & Hit em Again Doc!

A film maker once told me that what separates a great film from a good film is the quality of its story. The story of "Doc of the Drakes" and "Hit em Again Doc!" is story telling at its finest and their appeal reaches beyond those of us who have a connection to the sport of fly fishing.

Now just in time for the holiday gift giving season both films are available on a just released DVD.

From the banks of Idaho's dry fly mecca, Silver Creek, the “Doc of the Drakes” shares the heartwarming and true story of 83-year-old "Doc" (Dr. Robert Franklin) as he battles Parkinson’s disease and the legendary brown drake hatch with his fishing guide and friend Pete Wood.

In an unlikely sequel, Pete and Doc are at it again, this time a year later and from the stunning small stream paradise of Idaho's high country. “Hit 'em Again Doc!” rejoins the duo as Doc describes the miraculous medical procedure that has not only kept him on the water, but with regained abilities of movement and fly fishing.

The DVD includes a bonus interview about overcoming challenges in life and fly fishing. This in-depth bonus segment features conversations between Doc and Pete as they discuss fly fishing in Idaho, friends they've made along the way, and the obstacles of doing all this with Parkinson's disease.

Filmed, narrated and produced for Silver Creek Outfitters by Bryan Huskey.

Pick up a couple of copies today.



Fly Fishing Blog Blog

Blog, blog, blog, WTF, WTF, WTF?


A Kinetic Loop

The latest from Sharptail Media.

A celebration of fly fishing's past and present.

An attempt to look at the innovators of today, the pioneers of yesterday, and the similarities and differences that have defined the evolution of the sport over its lifetime.

The full version will be featured in the 2014 Fly Fishing Film Tour and at some point in 2014 should be available on iTunes.


The Skagit style double spey on a Great Lakes steelhead tributary

It's like when matter, in this case the Skagit double spey, meets anti matter, Great Lakes steelhead.....fortunately when these two come together life as we know it does not cease to exist.


Change of Pace Trailer

After a long summer of guiding in Utah, Spencer, Derek and Nate load up the car and head north for a new adventure.


Top sinking line tips to use when fishing a stillwater

Join RIO's Advisory Team as they share some of the top tips they use when fishing sinking lines while stillwater fly fishing.