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Midnight Creeper Trailer

In the soon to be released video Ed McCoy breaks down one of his singnature fly patterns called the Midnight Creeper. The full length version of this video will share some of the sercerts of fishing after dark, along with a 25 minute step by step fly tying experience with Ed McCoy. Ed breaks down each step and how he balances materials in his night flies. Underwater shots and night vision cameras bring the auidience into Ed McCoy's world. Full lenght video coming Spring 2014.

Music - Thriller Dark Island by The Sound Room


Money Penny - Spencer's reverse tube

Looking for an umbrella like silhouette? This is the pattern.


CONFLUENTUS - Fly Fishing 


Fly Fishing for Dorado

Fly Fishing for Dorado with Soolymans Sportsfishing Fujairah.


Lights Will Guide You

A short movie about the melancholy moments in fly fishing. The movie is an antidote to the super-pumped soundtracks that accompany most fly fishing movies and don't quite fit with the subject. It was shot using Winsnes Fly Fishing Lodge in Norway as a base and the footage was shot in on the stretch of the Gaula river managed by the lodge and surrounding mountain lakes.

The soundtrack was recorded at the Lax Cafe and Pub in Norway and features Eirin and Astrid playing to a live audience.


Fishstarter - Airdroids Sub-$500 Pocket Drone 

For just a C-note more than you paid for that GoPro Hero 3+ black you can be piloting your very own aerial camera drone.

The AirDroids Pocket Drone squeaks in under the $500 mark, is made to carry a GoPro, folds down for easy transport and its battery runtime is about twice that of the DJI Phantom.

LINK (via: Gizmag)