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A complete mashup of 9 months of Fly Fishing for Carp in Phoenix, Arizona


SPL’s GoPro Water Housing 

Fitted to a small handle, the SPL housing is made from an ultra-light aluminum mold that holds the GoPro Hero3 in place. On the front, you can attach either a standard flat cover or choose between a 5-inch and 8-inch dome port so you can get that cool half-in-half-out-of-the-water shot. Once the camera is in the housing, you can control the shutter with a thumb trigger or with the WiFi remote—if you're not underwater yourself.

LINK (via: Outside)


A Proposed Hoot Owl Closure on the Truckee River

Flows are down and water temperatures are up. Let's join together in protecting the Truckee River trout by participating in a voluntary "hoot owl closure". If you practice catch and release, stay off the water from noon to midnight.


Somewhere in the Everglades

Rare footage of legendary guide Steve Huff and famed angler Paul Bruun fishing together somewhere in the Everglades. This is a bi-annual trip that they have done together for almost 20 years.

(via: Patagonia Fly Fishing)


Dead Flies Don't Swim

Mark Raisler talking about dry fly fishing and the late-summer Trico hatch on the Missouri River in Craig, MT. Also featuring Braden Lewis and John Ewald.


"4 in 1 full - Yellowstone"

features DeYoung's latest painting, part of his 4 in1 series, "4 in 1 full - Yellowstone".