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the mayfly 


Punta Allen vu du ciel

Voeux 2015 réalisés à partir d'images aériennes effectuées lors du tournage du prochain film de la collection "Destination Mouche" au Mexique à Punta Allen. A la traque des PERMIT - BONEFISH - TARPON - SNOOK avec l'équipe du Punta Allen Fishing Club. Le tournage a été intégralement réalisé en 4K.


First Light

Every Artist has a starting point. For Stripn Flywear creator Dave Hartman, finding the comfort level to pursue art has always been a struggle. FIRST LIGHT explores the connection between Art and Fly Fishing while finding comfort in something that you love.


Casting 4 A Cure and Seasons On The Fly 

The mission continues. Bill Farnum continues his crusade to find a cure to a rare disease called Rett Syndrome. Watch the show and go to Casting 4 A Cure to get involved and make a donation if you can.


Salt365 official trailer - Fly Fishing Film Tour 2015

Two lifelong surfers living in Orange County California, and from opposites ends of the earth, forge a strong, late in life friendship through their shared passion for the obscure sport of saltwater fly fishing. A peek behind the Orange curtain into the Southern California ocean lifestyle through the lives of Capt. Vaughn Podmore & Keith Munemitsu.


Welding a loop in a sinking tip

This video shows how easy and quick it is to weld a loop in the end of RIO's InTouch "T" sinking material. Whether using T-8, T-11, T-14, T-17 or T-20, the ability to weld a loop in the ends of these level sinking tips allows anglers to quickly customize tips to the required length.