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Spey Casting with Jon


The Chase: a tiny film

Honestly, we went to Iceland to catch big fish. It was that simple. We wanted to bask in the late Arctic sun while bringing a dreamy meter long Atlantic salmon to hand. We wanted to drink whiskey afterwards, go to bed and do it again everyday we could. What surprised us wasn’t our ability to check the aforementioned mission off the list, it was the insignificance that those goals held compared to what we ACTUALLY discovered. The Chase: a tiny film is an ode to the friendships and experiences shared while chasing our passions.

The Chase is a short film that we feel encapsulates the most important part of us going to Iceland last summer. Yes, we made a 45 minute film and a festival edit that has toured the globe but this minute and a half is the soul of what we did and discovered. This is exactly what we’d like to share with you

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There is an internet meme lurking in here somewhere.

Just for the fun of laughing at ourselves. Here's what happens when six guys get together at the greatest Carp fly fishing destination in the US, and decide to make a fly fishing movie with no script, props or budget.


Distracted Trailer

The full film is currently touring on the International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4).


Bluewater Lake State Park Tiger Muskies


Running Down the......Oooopps

Chasing down a roosterfish from the surf, making the right cast, getting him to take the fly, and then screwing it up with a nice high-rod trout set.

(via: Cheeky Fishing)