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Recycled Links: Lego My Fly

An oldie but goodie from 2008.


When I burnt my leg off all those years ago...

It was a turning point in my career.

via: David Lambroughton


Leave It to Beiber


Snippets from Amazon one star angling book reviews.

It's like rancid ice cream coated with honey and molasses and then sucked through a full pixie stick.

If I were stitting in a doctor's waiting room and wanted to flip through something which was very light and full of pictures, I might pick up something like this book.

If you want to learn how a self-proclaimed Alabama red-neck saw the light and became a liberal editor for the New York Times, it's your nickel.

And, of course, Gus ends up finding his meaning in the eyes of some backwoods hippie chick and has a religious experience (if you can call it that) while walking home from a long, incredibly drawn out trip down a river following a fish on his line.

When the reader is hoping for the "hero" to die your book sucks.

I gave this as a gift & he said the inside is upside down to the cover.

I'm completely confused why this book gets good reviews. It's not even a good picture book.

At this rate we'll never die.

And the writing is over-caffeinated, to put it mildly.

This book is NOT about flyfishing.


Once in a Lifetime Fly Fishing Opportunity!

Photo: Unaccomplshed Angler

Here is your chance to experience one of the 50 places you'll probably die while fly fishing.

North Korea has been virtually closed to outside influence and angling for the last 40 years. It's landscape is crisscrossed by over 1,000 pristine creeks, rivers, and the occasional forced labor camp and uranium enrichment facility.

In 2015 Axis of Evil Expeditions is offering a VERY select group of anglers the opportunity to fish these North Korean waters that have seldom, if ever, been fished. Your 10 days north of the 38th parallel will include incredible angling opportunities on Kim Jong Un Creek, the Kim Jong Un river, the rivers of the Kim Jong Un Coast, all culminating in a day along the concertina wire and streams of the D.M.Z..

So if you're up to the challenge of a once in a lifetime fly fishing opportunity you'll never to forget..... if you survive, drop a note, and your State Department security clearance, to Axis of Evil Expeditions today!