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How to Make a Mountain Bike Film 

Same rules apply, just subsitute fly fishing for mountain bike.

Here is a cool piece that lays out some useful tips, all while showing you how it's done. A project from Filme von Draussen Workshop.



The Clinic - Pyramid Lake

Prehistoric and hauntingly beautiful, Pyramid Lake sits on Paiute land north of Reno, NV. The lake is the termination of the Truckee River that starts in world-renowned Lake Tahoe. Pyramid's fame is reviving on the heels of the reestablishment of the world record Lahontan Cutthroat trout strain.

And don't forget your ladder.


Top 16 phrases you should immediately edit out of your epic fly fishing film


Now You Can Narrate Your GoPro Film Using a Bluetooth Mic

With Sena's new Bluetooth Audio Pack for the GoPro Hero 3, you can use a wireless mic to provide narration alongside whatever stunt you're attempting.

The Audio Pack retails for $99, has a range of 100 meters and a waterproof case designed to fit the camera and the Pack is available separately.

LINK (via: Gizmodo)


Liquid Gold Trailer


Drowned Drones: When a Multicopter Hits the Water

While the price of a GoPro rigged quadcpter is such that even Joe Grabasandwich can shoot aerial footage for his next fly fishing film, always remember these word of advice, drones and water don't mix.  While a $1,600 hundred fully tricked out GoPro gimbel rigged DJI quadcpter  may be within reach for many, it's still going to sting if it goes for swim. 

Eric Cheng explains.


The payoff when it all goes right.