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Entries in fly fishing destinations (119)


The 17 Best Places to Fly Fish in Montana 


“The best secret in trout fishing” 

One of the greatest places in the U.S. to catch big trout in beautiful streams with no crowds (for now, at least) may surprise you.

LINK (via:Field and Stream)


US Congress blocks lifting of Cuba travel ban

Photo: Emmanuel Huybrechts

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted to keep restrictions on Americans traveling to Cuba. While U.S. anglers can still bend the rules to get there, if you want to go you better act fast. It's just a matter of time before the former terrorist state is overun with American tourists, KFC's and Ford Fusions.

LINK (via: The Telegraph)


Rode Trip: Bikepacking and Flyfishing on the Deschutes River Trail 

An excellent piece about fly fishing and camping via pedal power along Oregon's Deschutes River Trail.

People write and talk about the salmon fly hatch on the Deschutes River with near religious awe. It’s a time when strange, two inch, orange insects emerge and line the grasses on the banks of the river in biblical proportions, causing large and usually wary trout to throw caution to the wind and feed on the surface with the desperation of the last call at Old Country Buffet.

Or that’s what they say, at least.

LINK (via: The Path Less Pedaled)


“Oh, then you’ll catch one for sure” 

Our pal, and Patagonia Fly Fishing Ambassador, Dylan Tomine just returned from an epic trip to Cuba.



Fall in Patagonia: Big Trout, Big Meals, Big Country

For those who love fly fishing, northern Patagonia is certainly on the bucket list, and if it’s not first on your list, it should be.

LINK (via:Outside)