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Rock and Roll Sweets


The World’s Largest Fly Rod: A true community art project 

In the 1980s, tourism promoters in British Columbia encouraged cities and towns to develop a roadside attraction or landmark that would draw visitors.

Some of the communities that took on this challenge went for the record books: The World’s Largest Gold Pan resides in Quesnel, the World’s Largest Cross Country Skis flank the visitors’ centre in 100 Mile House, and the World’s Largest Hockey Stick and Puck, originally commissioned by the Government of Canada for the Expo 86 World’s Fair in Vancouver, graces the front of the Cowichan Community Centre in Duncan.

Not to be outdone by its more southerly counterparts, residents of Houston, BC conceived of, constructed, and installed the World’s Largest Fly Rod.

LINK (via:Northword)


I've sent a little insect on ahead to take the fight out of 'em. Ha-ha-ha-ha! 


Rainbows and Plunge Pools - An Angler's Alphabet

The Angler’s Alphabet was drawn by Kat Ingalls.

The Angler’s Alphabet explores our age-old fascination with fish and fishing through the double lenses of science and literature. Anglers, it would appear, are drawn to the pen and the page as well as to the rod and the stream; Mann Library’s extensive collection on fish, fish ecology, and the art of fishing includes texts dating back to the 17th century, as well as gorgeously illustrated modern books.

LINK (via: Cornell University)


Nature Boy Designs Featured Artist Rod Tube

This rod tube art by artist Eric Hornung of Anti Hero Electric Tattoo graces the first in a series of Nature Boy Designs “featured artist” rod tubes.

The tube is first painted white by NBD and then shipped out to the artist where they are free to apply thier individual art. The tube is then sent back to NBD for the finishing touches that best reflects that artists work.

LINK (via: Nature Boy Designs)


Abel Reel Art Contest

Unleash your inner De Young!

Artists – from first-time amateur to student, fly fishing guide or professional – may compete for the opportunity of designing the fish graphic finish of a new Abel Reel including recognition and write-up on our website and 2015 catalog.

Two winners, one freshwater and one saltwater species fish category, will be awarded the Abel Reel of their choice, showcasing their own winning design.