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Entries in fishing art (56)


Costa-making of #2

Not sure if this is the same video that was making the rounds when Costa first rolled out their fish sculpture project or something new? Either way, the process of turning sunglass components into fish art is still cool.


Ilustración del pez gallo

Not advised viewing for those suffering from epilepsy.


Koji Yaoita Fishing Art

Koji Yaoita is a well known fishing artist in Japan whose work has graced the covers of numerous Japanese angling publications. Take a moment to check out the breadth of Koji's work and unique style on his Facebook page.

LINK (via:Saltwater Rusty Memories)


The Art of Hayden Hammond


Ray Troll art installed at Fish Hatchery  

Ray Troll's art work River Duet I and River Duet II are being installed by Marvin Woodworks at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery on along Ship Creek in Anchorage.

View the entire gallery (via: The Anchorage Daily News)


“A Place I Would Rather Be” 

Four years in the making, Mike Savlen has finished his stellar 8.5 foot triptych. 

This is a painting which in reality took me 4 years to complete. The original center panel of the Permit I began in Costa Rica and finished in New Hampshire. Although I have had a lot of offers on the initial painting, I held on to it mainly due to the fact that I knew I wanted to do something more with it but wasn’t quite sure what. Plus I like having it on my wall because as others have said it is kind of like a mini vacation when you look at it.

Mike takes you through the paintings evoultion from concept sketches to finished product here on his site.