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Artist Mike Savlen works live at ICAST


Mike Williams Fish Art and Sculpture

Mike Williams’s interest in fish, fishing, and the habitats where fish may be found, has been the primary subject of his work throughout his career.  His vibrant and bold abstract paintings are expressionistic and loose, with a palette that ranges widely from earth tones to pure cadmium colors.  At times, however, focus shifts and Williams’s work takes a more representational turn.  While the choice of subject matter reflects his love of nature and fishing, the actual artwork - whether paintings or sculptures - reveals the enthusiasm with which he works. 



Fly Fishing Etsy


Rainbows and Plunge Pools - An Angler's Alphabet

The Angler’s Alphabet was drawn by Kat Ingalls.

The Angler’s Alphabet explores our age-old fascination with fish and fishing through the double lenses of science and literature. Anglers, it would appear, are drawn to the pen and the page as well as to the rod and the stream; Mann Library’s extensive collection on fish, fish ecology, and the art of fishing includes texts dating back to the 17th century, as well as gorgeously illustrated modern books.

LINK (via: Cornell University)


Costa-making of #2

Not sure if this is the same video that was making the rounds when Costa first rolled out their fish sculpture project or something new? Either way, the process of turning sunglass components into fish art is still cool.


Ilustraci├│n del pez gallo

Not advised viewing for those suffering from epilepsy.