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Entries in fish sculpture (76)


Mystery artist leaves wood carving of salmon at hatchery

Someone left a freshly-carved 6-foot high wood carving of a salmon at the front door of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery. The chainsaw art made from cedar was found with no note and nothing to indicate if the carving was a gift or where it came from.

LINK (via: KOMO News)

No word on whether the sculpture had an intact adipose.


Famous Madonna SEX Fish Seeking New Owner

I am Otto, the Great Bronze Fish, and this is my story:

I am the fish that had a very special encounter with Madonna in 1992 when she posed naked on me for a photo in her famous SEX book. My interlude with Madonna involved intimate contact that culminated with the extraordinarily artful photo.

The original image cannot be posted on EBay, but can be seen via this link.

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Trophy Trout

Trophy Trout is by noted American sculptor Jim Collins.


Wildlife Art by Terry Woodall


In 1982, Terry Woodall established Pacific Carvings, specializing in sea life and woodland wildlife. After thousands of carvings, the name Terry Woodall has become synonymous with finely detailed wildlife carved from myrtlewood.



Modern Metallic Fish Art


Copperworks Metal Sculpture by Eric Kraft

Most of Erik Kraft's work is done in sheet copper, brass and stainless steel. The process begins with hand or plasma cutting the metal to a rough shape, "cold" hammering to give it 3 dimensions, then silver-soldering the pieces together to begin to take the shape of the creature I am working on.  After adding fins, mouth, tail, etc., the piece is treated to a heat-patina to bring out the beautiful reds, greens, blues and golds that approximate the markings found on the real fish.  Finally, each piece is sprayed with a protective coat of clear enamel to ensure that the colors remain vivid for many years.