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Entries in fish sculpture (73)


Wildlife Art by Terry Woodall


In 1982, Terry Woodall established Pacific Carvings, specializing in sea life and woodland wildlife. After thousands of carvings, the name Terry Woodall has become synonymous with finely detailed wildlife carved from myrtlewood.



Modern Metallic Fish Art


Copperworks Metal Sculpture by Eric Kraft

Most of Erik Kraft's work is done in sheet copper, brass and stainless steel. The process begins with hand or plasma cutting the metal to a rough shape, "cold" hammering to give it 3 dimensions, then silver-soldering the pieces together to begin to take the shape of the creature I am working on.  After adding fins, mouth, tail, etc., the piece is treated to a heat-patina to bring out the beautiful reds, greens, blues and golds that approximate the markings found on the real fish.  Finally, each piece is sprayed with a protective coat of clear enamel to ensure that the colors remain vivid for many years.



My Precious Fishes

Arguably the best trout sculpture of all time.

A huge Weta Workshop sculpture of Hobbit character Gollum has been unveiled at Wellington Airport in New Zealand ahead of the world premiere of the first film in the trilogy next month.

The sculpture shows a submerged Gollum with an emaciated physique and an expression of glee, swimming towards his favorite meal of “juicy sweet fish” with an outstretched hand. Weta staff crafted the 1.2 tonne sculpture from nine pieces of polystyrene coated in epoxy resin.

LINK (via: The Land of Shadow)


Tarpon Bronze Belt Buckle

Signed and numbered in limited editions of 100 from Captiain Pierre Pierce Marine Scultpture.  Also available bonefish, snook, yellowfin tuna, shark, redfish, permit, striped bass, large mouth bass and others.



Leander Plummer Relief Paintings

Leander Plummer (1857-1914) was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts. His father was one of the incorporators of the successful New Bedford Cordage Company. He was educated in the Friends' Academy at New Bedford, and Harvard University, graduating with the class of 1880, after full courses in which he specialized in civil and mining engineering. Initially working as a mining engineer, Plummer changed direction in 1883, when he decided at the age of twenty-six to pursue art, and spent the next four years studying at the Academie Julian in Paris. Plummer returned to the United States with his artistic training to paint the wildlife he observed as a fisherman and sportsman in the New Bedford area. Eventually, he experimented with woodcarving and found he had a great aptitude for detailed naturalistic sculpture and combined his painting and woodcarving skills in creating "relief paintings"; his words for deeply carved wood reliefs that he stained with pigments he devised to create a life-like appearance. Plummer's panels became popular among fishermen and sportsmen, and by 1906 he had orders for approximately forty to fifty relief paintings.

Among the many works Plummer executed, he considered Striper Fishing his masterpiece.

Measuring 35' x 62" it sold at auction for $59,000.