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Fish Schtick Episode 51 – Marshall Cutchin

A real treat having Marshall on the show.

If you believe his Facebook profile, Marshall Cutchin “Learned all he knows from permit. And a couple of trout. And maybe a bass or two.” He’s the man behind MidCurrent, the largest fly fishing website in the world. Or, as they put it, MidCurrent is an independent provider of fly fishing news, literature and advice. We are experienced anglers and guides who enjoy helping others learn. Marshall is the man who makes it all happen, to the delight of millions of fly anglers around the world.

LINK (Via Mauro Media)


Fish Schtick Episode 48 – Andy Heathcote

Our guest last week on the Schtick was Andy Heathcote, director of the film ‘The Lost World of Mr Hardy.’ The movie explores the history of Fly Fishing through the Hardy Brothers company and other British fishing tackle craftsmen. The film has been a big hit in the UK and is now available in the United States, so we’re happy to give a a behind the scenes look at the film to our Fish Schtick friends.

LINK (Via: Mauro Media)


Fish Schtick Episode 42 – Keith "Catfish" Sutton

Keith “Catfish” Sutton hails from Arkansas, but he’s fished waters from Canada to Brazil, and everything in between. He’s written thousands of articles for every fishing magazine you’ve ever read – unless it’s a fly fishing publication. He says, “that’s outside my bailiwick.” He’s an award winning writer with over 70 awards to his name, he’s a television host and a great storyteller. We had fun making our way through a bunch of fishing stories and we alsol talked about getting kids fishing, because Catfish serves as Executive Director for the Future Fisherman Foundation.



The Fish Schtick Episode 34 - Andrew Bennett 

Andrew Bennett runs Deneki Outdoors, which operates fly fishing lodges in Alaska, British Columbia, the Bahamas and Chile. They also have one of the freshest, richest blogs on the internet, and you get their daily dose right in your e-mail inbox. We got Andrew to unload some fish stories from some of the greatest destinations on the planet today, and we know he’s got them because we read ‘em every day.



Fish Schtick Episode 32 - Shaw Grigsby

The man is a legendary stick, a hell of a nice guy, and loves to pull out the fly rod whenever he gets the chance.

Shaw Grigsby is a bass fishing icon. He’s been a professional angler for over 25 years, and wherever he shows up, so does a crowd of fans. He’s won over $1.5 Million fishing bass tournaments. His show, “One More Cast,” can be seen every week on Versus. His book, “Bass Master Shaw Grigsby: Notes on Fishing and Life,” is the only book on bass fishing ever published by the National Geographic Society.

This weekend Shaw fishes his 12th Bassmaster Classic on Lay Lake near Birmingham, Alabama.

LINK (Via:Mauro Media)


Fish Schtick Podcast – Episode 20 

On the latest episode of the Schtick, Teeg, Bennett and Mauro score an interview with Shane Davis, the man everyone is talking about on the fishosphere.

In addition to the low down on fishing for bass with rattlesnakes, Shane shares stories, insights and conservation challenges facing his home waters on the Brazos River in Texas.

Shane also shares his technique for teasing up fresh water stripers.