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Man Sentenced in Massive Striped Bass Poaching Case

U.S. District Judge Richard D. Bennett sentenced William J. Lednum, age 41, of Tilghman Island, today to a year and a day in prison, followed by six months of home detention as part of three years of supervised release, for conspiring to violate the Lacey Act and to defraud the United States through the illegal harvesting and sale of 185,925 pounds of striped bass.

LINK (via: WBO)

For every poacher that the authorities catch, far more slip cleanly away. 


Not Finding Nemo

Kitted out for "low-visibility intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions, the Navy's latest unmanned vehicle looks and swims like a large fish.

GhostSwimmer is the latest in a series of science-fiction-turned-reality projects developed by the chief of naval operations' Rapid Innovation Cell (CRIC) project, Silent NEMO.



Dead steelhead in the Salmon River and other Lake Ontario tributaries

Scientists and the state Department of Environmental Conservation have been puzzled by dead steelhead turning up on the banks of the Salmon River in Oswego County in recent weeks. There's also been anecdotal reports of the same thing happening in other Lake Ontario tributaries.

Brooks Robinson, public relations and social media manager for the Cortland Line Company, is a regular on the Salmon River.

"In October, there were a ton of dead steelhead at the bottom of the Douglaston Salmon Run. You had spin and bait guys blaming fly fishermen, and fly fishermen blaming gear fishermen. It got ugly," Robinson said.

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The man with the salmon plan

Howard Tanner changed the ecology of the Great Lakes in 1966 when he imported Pacific Ocean salmon in order to control invasive alewives -- and create a salmon fishery like none other on the planet. Tanner was faced with critics and skeptics but he proceeded to prove his theories that salmon species could be landlocked, survive and propagate in the Great Lakes.

LINK (via: The Journal Sentinel)


Conservation Groups Launch Lawsuit to Protect Montana Grayling

Photo credit: USFWS

The Center for Biological Diversity, Western Watersheds Project, Butte resident Pat Munday and former Montana fishing guide George Wuerthner today filed a formal notice of intent to sue the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over the agency's latest decision to deny protection to a unique population of Arctic grayling in Montana. The Service first determined the grayling warranted endangered status in 1994 and reaffirmed that conclusion in 2010, but reversed course in August, withholding protection from the rare and beautiful relative of trout and salmon.

LINK (via: Earthjustice)


"It’s spectacular, something out of a Tolkien novel”

The Great Bear Rainforest is world renowned for its grizzly bears and towering cedars, but in a secret little watershed near Bella Bella on the central coast it is also being distinguished as the place where salmon swim through mountains.

LINK (via: The Vancouver Sun)

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