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Kiribati Bans Fishing in One of World's Largest Marine Parks

Kiribati, a tiny island nation that controls a vast area of the Pacific Ocean has announced it will ban all commercial fishing in a massive marine park that is the size of Californiia.

LINK (via: National Geographic)


Fish evacuated from American River hatcheries

Something is wrong in Denmark when you're forced to start evacuating fish hatcheries.

The ongoing drought in California is forcing state officials to evacuate rainbow trout and steelhead fish from two hatcheries on the American River amid concern the water will become warm enough to kill the fish in coming weeks.

LINK (via: The Sacramento Bee)


Feds Kill More Steelhead

Last week, 200 federally endangered steelhead trout were killed when a water pump operated by the Bureau of Reclamation ​— ​the federal agency that owns Lake Cachuma ​— ​malfunctioned. It was the 11th such breakdown this year, leading to the deaths of 376 total fish.

LINK (via: Santa Barbara Independent)


Newly Discovered Fish Has an Anus Behind Its Head


Why have an anus on (or just behind) your head in the first place. Should I be jealous?

LINK (via:Vice)


Caspian terns taking big bite out of Columbia River steelhead, salmon

Photo: MDF

The largest inland colony of Caspian terns in the West is taking a big bite out of endangered fish runs in the upper Columbia River.

Though just a fraction of the size of coastal colonies, the 900-some terns living on an island near Moses Lake are single-handedly blamed for eating more than 10 percent of the wild upper Columbia steelhead juveniles and nearly 15 percent of the hatchery steelhead young as they make their way to the ocean each spring.

LINK (via: The Republic)


Is the First Steelhead Trout in Decades Really Back at Malibu Lagoon? 

Some environmentalists and activists are questioning the claim that an adult endangered southern steelhead trout was spotted in the Malibu Lagoon channel and the argument that the sighting indicates a controversial wetlands restoration is working.

LINK (via:LA Weekly)

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