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Redfish harvest in Gulf waters would resume under NOAA proposal

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is seeking public comment on a proposal to open redfish harvest in federal waters to the Mississippi guide fleet.

Under the plan, proposed by the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, each angler fishing federal waters with a licensed charter captain would be allowed one redfish per day measuring at least 18 inches in length. There would be no maximum size limit.

LINK (via: The Times-Pacayune)


Sharks Can Bark Like Dogs

Sometimes nature is just out to screw with you.

There are at least two kinds of shark that can, when handled, bark like dogs. Anyone who wonders if their bark is worse than their bite is welcome to try to find out.

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Drought threatens American River fish 

Endangered steelhead about to hatch in the American River could soon be killed by low flows and warm temperatures caused by the drought, a sign of the ongoing struggle over scarce water supplies.

LINK (via: The Sac Bee)

The prognosis is not good as California's snowpack is currenty sitting at 8% of average.


First Nation defends herring against DFO's stealth fishery, bad science

On the central coast of British Columbia, a coastal community is fighting for the survival of a species so important to the ecology and culture of the north Pacific that it is considered a foundation of the coast.

Watch this short video on the battle that the Heiltsuk First Nation are courageously waging against the Canadian government’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the unsustainable corporate-owned kill-fishery. There is still hope that our coast will witness a return of the great herring runs, but it cannot happen while this indiscriminate industrial fishery is allowed to continue.



"All of a sudden it was just attached to me and it wasn't coming out" 

How exactly a man gets a three-foot long elephant fish stuck to him mystified rescuers on Monday.

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Trevally Tuesday - Panama Jack Edition

The recent capture on March 18 of a giant trevally off the Pacific coast of Panama is certain to stun fishery biologists and recreational fishermen alike.

Historically, GT have been limited to the western Pacific, found as far east only as Hawaii.

LINK (via: Sportfishing)