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Entries in fish in the news (527)


California drought leads to 'massive effort' to transport hatchery salmon 

Wipe out the habitat and wild fish, give all the water to agricultural interests, grow new fish in hatcheries, truck hatchery fish to ocean. The Aristocrats.

What do you do when you have 30 million young salmon ready for their big journeys downstream, but drought and development have dried your riverbeds to sauna rocks?

LINK (via: Oregon Live)

Irrigators are no friend of endangered fish.


New Bill Proclaims Striped Bass Our National Fish 

Congressman Tom MacArthur (R-NJ) has introduced the Striped Bass American Heritage Act, which would designate this iconic species as the United States' "National Fish." 

Just as the majestic bald eagle is the avian symbol of our nation for its strength, power, and dominance, the striped bass is a uniquely American fish that has been intertwined with the people, history and heritage of the United States for centuries. It played a pivotal role in providing the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony sustenance as early as 1620, and by 1639 conservation laws were enacted to prevent overharvesting. Over the years, however, stripers suffered from pollution that ultimately brought about the Clean Water Act, and after the passage of the historic Striped Bass Conservation Act of 1984 the stocks began a road to recovery.

Now, Congressman MacArthur, who sits on the House Natural Resources Committee, and the Recreational Fishing Alliance believe the time has come to award the striper the same recognition held by the bald eagle.

LINK (via: PR Newswire)


Tarpon tows paddleboarder up river

At times, Purcell said, it felt like the spirited tarpon almost had his board on a plane as it reached speeds of up to 10 knots.

LINK (via: Marco Island Sun Times)


Plan aims to restore native trout to protected creek east of Yellowstone

Efforts to restore native Yellowstone cutthroat trout have made headlines in recent years, with a focus on reducing invasive lake trout in Yellowstone Lake, the largest body of water in Yellowstone National Park.

But a new front in the war against non-native trout could be developing just east of the park next year, if the Wyoming Game and Fish Department moves forward with a plan to create a safe harbor for Yellowstone cutthroats in the Shoshone National Forest.

LINK (via:Yellowstone Gate)


There's a fungus among us

Fisheries biologists have concluded conclude that a record high brown trout population contributed to the spread of the fungus that occurred on the Big Hole River in the fall of 2014.



Lake Superior perch fishery hurting steelhead stock? 

Study shows connection between resurgence of perch, walleye and decline of trout in Lake Superior tributary.

LINK (via:CBC News)