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Entries in fish in the news (541)


It is highly improbable that fish can experience pain

The latest research on the subject of whether fish can feel pain says they do not when they're given large injections of acid or bee venom.

Fish do not even suffer when they are hooked and fighting for their lives, according to research by an international team. 

They say fish do not have a brain system or enough sensory receptors in the nerve cells to experience suffering.

LINK (via: The Daily Mail)


Climbing perch may make it to mainland Australia

An aggressive foreign fish that can move across dry land and choke birds and other fish is threatening to make its way onto Australian soil from Papua New Guinea.

Researchers and rangers are monitoring the climbing perch, which has already overrun waterways on two Queensland islands in the Torres Strait.

The noxious fish can last several days on land by using lungs to breathe.

LINK (via:ABC)


Saving Salmo Salar, the King of Fish

The once-abundant salmon in the rivers of New England saved many an early settler from starvation. But more important than a food source, or as a sport fish, the Atlantic salmon is deeply engrained in the culture of every country it has inhabited.

Now we are fighting for their survival.

LINK (via: The Huffington Post)


Creek poisoning proposal upsets some Soda Butte Creek enthusiasts

Yellowstone National Park, in coordination with partner agencies Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks; Wyoming Game & Fish Department, and the U.S. Forest Service; propose to remove brook trout from Soda Butte Creek to continue a two decade long effort to restore Yellowstone's native fish population.

Officials have proposed trading electrofishing gear for poison on the creek, an idea that has some anglers upset.

LINK (via:Bozeman Daily Chronicle)


Colorado's wild rainbow trout story could have a fairy tale ending

Much like the mythological unicorn, though, Colorado's rainbow trout pulled a disappearing act about 20 years ago. The black magic known as whirling disease decimated the state's rainbow trout population, reducing it to less than 1 percent of the total trout population in former strongholds such as the Colorado River in the mid-1990s.

With fish hatcheries and rivers statewide soon testing positive for the parasite responsible for whirling disease, the outlook grew increasingly grim. But the tumultuous story may have finally found its fairy-tale ending.

LINK (via: The Denver Post)


Project aims to help endangered steelhead trout near Malibu

Photo: Craig Sap/California State Parks

A $3.2 million project aimed at restoring habitat for the endangered Southern California steelhead trout is set to begin this summer at Arroyo Sequit Creek near Malibu.

Two concrete roadways — known as Arizona crossings — that cut through Arroyo Sequit in Leo Carrillo State Park will be removed and replaced with free standing bridges.

LINK (via: The Los Angeles Daily News)