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The Best Place in the World for Bonefishing Is No Picnic

Bloomberg Business takes a break from the latest in hedge funds and interest rates for a visit to South Andros.



Right now, the EPA and NOAA consider fish farms to have essentially no negative effect on wild fish.

Right now, the EPA and NOAA are smoking crack.....

The Wild Fish Conservancy has sent a 60-day Notice of Intent to sue the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) for violations of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) associated with the agencies’ evaluation of the harmful effects to threatened salmonids from commercial salmon farming in Puget Sound.

LINK (via:King 5)


Catch of the Day - Neon Pike

"The whole top of the fish had a different green," said Randy Straker. "If you look at the mouth, it looked like green lipstick. It was so bright."

LINK (via:CBC News)


Disease kills 150,000 hatchery fish

Disease stemming from warm water in the North Umpqua River has killed 150,000 hatchery steelhead at a Roseburg area fish hatchery, marking the facility's second mass die-off this summer.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife alerted the public Friday to the deaths among its summer steelhead stock, blaming an historic drought that has heated the Umpqua's water and allowed pathogens to thrive.

LINK (via: Oregon Live)


Stop chumming for giant trevally on Kiritimati  

Whether you think it's unsportsmanlike or not, the practice of chumming is changing giant trevally behavior in the Kiritimati lagoon.

How do we know?

Affixing a tracking tag to a Kiritimati GT

A group of us spent three weeks over the course of two years studying giant trevally on Kiritimati and we are actively lobbying the government to ban the practice. Anglers that have fished the island a hell of a lot longer than the lodges chumming the flats every day can attest to the days when shots at big trevally were a common occurrence on the flats. Since the advent of chumming those encounters are now  fewer and far between. The science is clear, chumming is having an effect on the behavior of the giant trevally in the lagoon.

So stories like this one in the Wall St. Journal or this one from the NY Times do a disservice to anglers that choose to target trevally on the flats without chumming.

If you really want to have your ass kicked by a giant trevally on Kiritimati you should consider getting out into the blue water with some decent conventional tackle. An encounter with a giant trevally on the outside with a top water plug or swim bait will trump your lagoon caught fly rod GT every day of the week.


45-Inch Red Drum Caught on Cape Cod

On May 27, angler Chris Cavanaugh, of Norton, Massachusetts, pulled a trophy-sized red drum – a southern species more commonly associated with Florida and the Gulf States – from the chilly waters of Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts.

LINK (via: On The Water)