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Threatened fish makes a comeback in restored Elwha

It's not just salmon and steelhead that are making a comeback in the Elwha.

A small fish listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act has suddenly appeared at the mouth of the Elwha River after a decadeslong absence.

Scientists were surprised late last month to find hundreds of candlefish spawning in the Elwha, a river that was freed from dams just five months ago.

LINK (via:The Kitsap Sun)


Hunks of plastic found inside Fraser River steelhead

Jordan Butt has been fishing the Vedder River for years, but what he saw on February 13 after catching a steelhead was a first.

LINK (via: Global News)


Do pufferfish hold their breath while inflated?

According to previous scientific literature, it was generally thought that pufferfish hold their breath while inflated, effectively preventing oxygen uptake and governing how long they can avoid would-be predators.

LINK (via: AIMS)


You can now bet on shark racing in Florida

Nova Southeastern University, the Guy Harvey Research Institute, and the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation are putting on a shark race next month, and they’re inviting you to place your bets.

LINK (via: The Washington Post)


“The steelhead died for a noble cause - almonds"

American River steelhead run is worst on record.

Steelhead are just one of many dozens of species that are massacred in the Delta pumping facilities that export water to corporate agribusiness interests that grow almonds, pistachios and other export crops.

LINK (via:Indybay)


Where did all the sardines go? 

Pacific sardines are suffering their worst population crash in decades, and the fallout could be catastrophic.

LINK (via: Salon)