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Entries in fish in the news (484)


"All of a sudden it was just attached to me and it wasn't coming out" 

How exactly a man gets a three-foot long elephant fish stuck to him mystified rescuers on Monday.

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Trevally Tuesday - Panama Jack Edition

The recent capture on March 18 of a giant trevally off the Pacific coast of Panama is certain to stun fishery biologists and recreational fishermen alike.

Historically, GT have been limited to the western Pacific, found as far east only as Hawaii.

LINK (via: Sportfishing)


"This (empty) can may not be kicked down the road endlessly” 

Good news and bad news.

A federal judge has declined to limit the number of juvenile spring chinook salmon that state fish managers can release from a hatchery into the McKenzie River.

But U.S. Magistrate Judge Tom Coffin ordered the state Department of Fish & Wildlife to set a deadline on when it will signficantly cut the number of McKenzie hatchery-bred fish that mingle and spawn with wild native salmon above Leaburg Dam.

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British Columbia’s recreational fishery is worth as much to the provincial economy as commercial fishing, aquaculture and fish processing combined

From the North Coast Steelhead Alliance.

Here is the new draft IFMP for the north coast salmon. Check out the “New for 2015′ section on page 13 and Section 7.5 ‘Skeena River Decision Guidelines’ on page 75.



The mercury level in your ahi tuna is getting higher 

Researchers have found that mercury levels in Pacific yellowfin tuna, often marketed as ahi tuna, is increasing at 3.8% per year.

The results were reported earlier this month in the journal Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. These levels of mercury – a neurotoxin – are now approaching what the EPA considers unsafe for human consumption.

LINK (via: The Conversation)


Threatened fish makes a comeback in restored Elwha

It's not just salmon and steelhead that are making a comeback in the Elwha.

A small fish listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act has suddenly appeared at the mouth of the Elwha River after a decadeslong absence.

Scientists were surprised late last month to find hundreds of candlefish spawning in the Elwha, a river that was freed from dams just five months ago.

LINK (via:The Kitsap Sun)