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Entries in el paskador (6)


Trevally Tuesday - El Paskador Super Tanker


Raising Cane 

Actually more like bending cane, seriously bending cane.

El Paskador sent us these killer pics of a large tarpon being landed on a 9 weight bamboo rod.


Bonefish On the Brain

With all do respect to BonefishBjorn.

While you read this we're headed, along with the man who tied the big box of flies, to soak our nads in some equatorial waters.

Photo by Tim Pask


Sky Blue and Dime Bright

Another day, another dispatch from El Paskador... this time from the other side of the lens.

Just a tad over 21 1/2 pounds....

Hooked 4 before landing this fish...  bent hook, broke tippet, lost at the shoreline.. the payoff was worth it....


October Slab of the Month Entry: B.C.Steelhead

El Paskador has been dazzling us daily with an incredible array of chrome but this fish taken by his friend Kim is now the current heavyweight champ.

This is the first steelhead I have ever had to chase with the boat. My buddy Kim hooked this fish and it about spooled him. We finally jumped in the boat and gave chase. It measured 39" x 22.5", but was much bigger then the measurements alone. I have never seen a steelhead carry its weight so well. It was an absolute HUGE fish, that must have been close to 30 pounds. There was some serious high-fives happening afterward.. Amazing!!!


Greetings from Jurassic Lake

El Paskador reports from way south of the border.

Hey Brian,

Jeff was struggling a bit one day, so I busted out my extra "Reel
Pure" hat for him. Took just one cast to change his luck from bad to
really bad.. Just wanted to share the exciting news, and feel free to
pass this along to the Chum Nation. Perhaps you could charge a bit
extra for the hats now. I know I'll be giving them to my BEST fishing
companions from now on.

El Paskador

Dearest Brian,

Shortly after the "Rock" incident a local Shaman passed by and for 13
pesos and 7 1/2 beers we got him to Bless the hat. Within minutes of
him finishing his last beer (It seems Shamans' prefer Shot-gunning
them) the hat became almost magical. Fish On, and on and on and
on!!! And did I mention this was Jurassic Lake? And did I mention
this rainbow was about average in size? Did I mention we landed a few
around 20? You'd hate it........

Yeah I hate it alright...