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The strongest El Niño on record may be brewing in the Pacific

All other tropical storms must bow before El Nino.

El Niño conditions are intensifying in the tropical Pacific Ocean, potentially leading to a record event that would help control rainfall in East Africa and possibly bring desperately needed drought relief to California, while temporarily cutting off rainfall to parts of the Indonesian rainforest.

A record strong event would also virtually guarantee that 2015 will beat 2014 as the warmest year this planet has seen since records began in the late 19th century.

LINK (via:Mashable)


Unusual Fish Catches Off San Diego Signal Large-Scale El Niño



Yo soy El Nino!

La Nina, which has held sway since last fall, will be officially declared a goner, an official at the Climate Prediction Center in Maryland told InsideClimate News. And while nobody is quite certain what will happen next, some long-range forecast models are pointing to the possible emergence of the opposite phenomenon: El Nino.

LINK (via: U-T San Diego)


Adios El Nino

This spring El Niño conditions have weakened gradually after a winter of mild sea surface temperatures, now scientists at the National Weather Service have announced that the Pacific has officially entered La Niña conditions.

The last two occurances of La Niña conditions have coincided with record breaking returns of both salmon and steelhead in watersheds from Oregon to Vancouver Island.

LINK (Via: Osprey Steelhead News)