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Trout Diaries TV Trailer 

Inspired by his travels and adventures during the research and the writing of both The Trout Diaries and The Trout Bohemia, Derek Grzelewski brings a taste of fly fishing in New Zealand to the small screen. 


Fish Schtick Episode 97 – Derek Grzelewski

Only time will tell if Derek's new book, The Trout Diaries: A Year of Fly Fishing in New Zealand, will join the status of a Trout Bum or a River Why in modern fly fishing literature, but the ingredients are all there. It’s funny, full of big personalities, adventures that feel great but attainable, and written like someone who has dirt under his fingernails and a diploma on the wall. That’s a long way to say that this is an awesome book, one we enjoyed reading, and you’re going to love hearing some of the stories on this episode of The Fish Schtick.

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My Trout Diaries, A Year of Fly Fishing in New Zealand

I once trained with a guy who quit bike racing because he said it got in the way of the joy of riding his bike. Writer, photographer and adventurer Derek Grzelewski gave up guiding and found the joy of fly fishing returned like a long-lost friend.

As he relates in his book The Trout Diaries:

"When you turn your passion into a business, begin peddling the very thing that you cherish, it's like sending your loved one into a ring for a prize fight - she's bound to take a few hits. She might lose, even get knocked out. Mine was often decked, groggily listening to the KO countdown."

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