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Feb. SOTM Submission: McCoy G.T.

Brother McCoy's dad - working Xmas Isla for G.T.


October Slab of the Month - Pacu

Our friend Dave McCoy hoists one of the most unusual entires we've seen in the history of S.O.M. Dave landed this Pacu on a recent trip to Bolivia where he also chased the more traditional angling targets.

Pacu, along with their piranha cousins are a characin fish, meaning a kind of tetra.


Sometimes, All You Get is Blowfish

Photo:Dave McCoy

Dave McCoy of Emerald Water Anglers was back in Hawaii shooting some photos to finish up an upcoming article he was working on and had a life altering bonefish experience.

You'll have to hit the link to find out exactly what it was that disrupted Dave's bonefish space time continuum. Bonefish Bjorn is going to need a sedative!