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Largest Dam Removal in U.S. History Scientifically Characterized

The effects of dam removal are better known as a result of several new studies released this week by government, tribal and university researchers. The scientists worked together to characterize the effects of the largest dam removal project in U.S. history occurring on the Elwha River of Washington State. New findings suggest that dam removal can change landscape features of river and coasts, which have ecological implications downstream of former dam sites.

LINK (via: USGS)


Idaho town and farmers aim to demolish old dam to help threatened steelhead 

This summer town leaders, farmers and state biologists aim to demolish the 10-foot-high Dutch Flat Dam and restore Little Bear Creek to a more-natural state to give its steelhead a better shot at producing Idaho’s next generation of oceangoing rainbow trout.

LINK (via: The Washington Post)


Gold Ray Dam Removal Project in Time-lapse 

The removal of Gold Ray Dam located on Oregon's Rogue River in 2010 provided a unique opportunity to remove one of the last fish barriers on the Rogue River. Additionally, funding tied to habitat allowed Jackson County to remove a deteriorating structure and any potential future liabilities. This video shows the removal process from start to finish using time-lapse photography.

(via: PetaPixel)


Dam News

A rash of dam news from the Columbia Basin Bulletin

Shad don't mind the dams.

Non-native American shad are experiencing a revival of sorts to the Columbia River basin, it would appear, with counts at Bonneville Dam fish ladders spiking recently.


Corps Moves Ahead To Remove 1930s Sandy River Dam

The U.S. Corps of Engineers is set to reestablish the long-clogged main channel of northwest Oregon’s Sandy River near its confluence with the Columbia River, thus restoring historic conditions that are expected to provide more habitat benefits for protected salmon and steelhead as well as other fish and wildlife species.


Certain Cumulative Environmental Damage Caused By Small Dams Is Worse Than Larger Dams

Researchers conclude in a new report that a global push for small hydropower projects, supported by various nations and also the Kyoto Protocol to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, may cause unanticipated and potentially significant losses of habitat and biodiversity.



More dam good news?

The Icelandic Government has accepted NASF‘s objections to a new hydro-electric generating scheme on Iceland‘s biggest river and suspended the plans to build three dams to power generation plants.

Iceland‘s largest power company had proposed a hydro project for the Thjórsá, Iceland's biggest river system and home to brown trout, sea trout, char and the countries largest stock of wild salmon.

LINK (Via: Fish and Fly)

Saving Iceland says don't pop the champagne bottles just yet.

Many of Iceland's rivers and Geothermal areas remain under serious threat from planned dams, reservoirs, geothermal exploitation and planned heavy industry projects

Dreamland is a documentary film that documents what happened when Iceland built the biggest dam in Europe to provide Alcoa cheap electricity for an aluminum smelter in the rugged east fjords of Iceland.