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Daily Dose of Chum - Skeena Edition

Results from a recently published study conducted by Canadian and US scientists indiates that Skeena River chum salmon were up to 52 times more abundant in the past than at present. 

The scientists from SkeenaWild Conservation Trust, Wild Fish Conservancy, and the University of Montana found that while in the last five years the annual return to the Skeena is fewer than 9,000 chum salmon, the average return was between 268,000 and 471,000 chum salmon in the period 1916-1919.   The enormity of the decline over time is much greater than previously thought.

LINK (via: Wild Fish Conservancy)


Nov. SOTM Entry: Almost Moldy Chum

Edward hoists a not quite moldy chum.


As expected...

...thar they go.


Nov Slab of the Month Entry: Chum Salmon

Jamen (known locally as Chumdog Millionaire) does a grip and grin on our namesake.  Big chum indeed.