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Klyn chills after miles of Patagonia missions

Photo Courtesy University of Dayton

Paul Bruun with a fitting tribute to our friend, and now former collegue, Bill Klyn. Bill recently retired after a 26 year run at Patagonia.

LINK (via: The Jackson Hole News and Guide)


On the Set of Bucaneers and Bones

Lefty holds court at Deep Water Cay, the location for the newest edition of Bucaneers and Bones.

Complete with aerial drone.

LINK (Via: Bahamas Island Info)


New Episodes of the Fish Schtick

Updated episodes can be found on our Podcast page here.

Recent lineup:

Episode 10: Mikey Weir, Patagonia fly fishing embassador

Episode 11: Fish Schtick Hosts

Episode 12: Bill Klyn, Marketing Director, Patagonia

Episode 13: Conway Bowman: TV Host and Extreme Fly Charter Captain

Episode 14: Robert Montgomery: Senior Writer, ESPN BASS Publications

Episode 15: Eric Rathbun: Co Editor, Moldy Chum and founder of Reel Pure