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WE ARE SALMON JUNKIES - The Official Trailer

The Atlantic salmon is known as the King of Fish. In the hierarchy of the river’s hidden world, it is top dog — swift and powerful, unpredictable and elusive, a sleek, stunning manifestation of nature’s grand design. Throughout the history of angling, for all who cast a fly, Salmo salar has been a shining prize. But for some, the salmon is more. For some, the Atlantic salmon is an object of obsession whose draw is so complete as to haunt every waking thought and fantasy. These most avid and passionate anglers are called “salmon junkies.”


Gail Shea orders all salmon caught in Maritimes to be released

Anglers will not be allowed to keep any Atlantic salmon caught in the Maritimes in 2015.

The conservation measure was announced Tuesday by Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Gail Shea in response to dwindling salmon numbers.

LINK (via: CBC News)


LOOP - Atlantic Salmon Reserve


Once In Your Lifetime Official Trailer

On a Salmon Beat in the Highlands of Scotland four Fly fishers from South Africa, Canada, America and England will be fly fishing for wild Atlantic salmon, soon after they will then move further into the Highlands of Scotland to fly fish for the world famous Wild Brown Trout on the unforgiving West Coast of Scotland.


King of the River - trailer

King of the River is a documentary series that invites viewers into the intimate world of Atlantic salmon fly fishing.


Playing an atlantic salmon

From another point of view.