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Entries in atlantic salmon (37)


Playing an atlantic salmon

From another point of view.


June 2014 SOTM Entry: Newfy Atlantic

Chummist Chris Baird found this dime for a June submission.


A List of Large Atlantic Salmon Landed by the Ladies

There is no question that ladies have figured prominently in the catching of large Atlantic salmon. Indeed, all seasoned salmon anglers are aware that a lady holds the British record for a rod-caught salmon at 64 pounds. Another landed the largest fly-caught salmon at 63 pounds, and yet another the largest spring-caught fish at 59 pounds. All these catches and more feature in this incomplete roundup of large salmon landed by the ladies.

LINK (via: Fall 2013 American Fly Fisher )


Shrinking wild salmon starve at sea as North Atlantic warms

Researcher Chris Todd of the University of St. Andrews has been studying the changes in size and quality of salmon returning to Scottish rivers over the past 50 years. The results are a long term pattern of less well nourished salmon showing poor growth.

LINK (via: Caledonian Mercury)


King of the River Trailer

King of the River is a documentary series that invites viewers into the intimate world of Atlantic salmon fly-fishing.


Return of the Ghost Fish

Will removing dams from the Penobscot River restore Atlantic salmon and other migratory fish—and through them, New England’s great forests—to their former glory?

LINK (via: onearth)