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Entries in a river runs through it (26)


Haunting waters: Famous Maclean fishing holes remain elusive

Founder and executive director of the Big Blackfoot Riverkeeper Jerry O’Connell searches for the Maclean family fishing spots from “A River Runs Through It.”

LINK (via: The Montana Standard)


Interview with Mr. John Bailey | A River Runs Through It 

An interview with John Bailey, fly fishing advisor on the set of the film "A River Runs Through It." You'll have to turn up the volume due to the poor audio quality.


A River Runs Through the House

The home’s geo-thermal cooling system uses a pump to channel ground water through conduits under the house. This not only saves significant energy, it creates one of the home’s unique design features — a glass-covered indoor stream.

LINK (via: Timber Home Living)


Montana Authors Project - A River Runs Through It

The Montana Authors Project brings "A River Runs Through It" to digital life.The Project provides a sense of  place through the use of text, context, interpretation, graphic design, topography,and hyperlinks.The page can be used as a virtual tour of an author's imagination, as well as an actual road map of a literary setting.



The Ellen Celebrates 'A River Runs Through It'

The Ellen Theatre in downtown Bozeman will mark the 20th anniversary of Robert Redford’s acclaimed film A River Runs Through It with a special screening tonight.

LINK (via: Moose FM)


"A River Runs Through It" by Bo Lee for Vogue Korea 

LINK (via: The Terrier and the Lobster)