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Trevally Tuesday - Pond Edition


Action Alert!! BTT Calls For Signatures in Support of Two Proposed Bahamian National Parks

An important action alert from Bonefish Tarpon Trust.

Proposals to create National Parks for habitat protection for Grand Bahama Island and Abaco are now on the desk of the Prime Minister of the Bahamas. We are asking you to support the efforts of our Bahamas collaborators - Bahamas National Trust, Friends of the Environment, Abaco Fly Fishing Guides Association, and the lodges and fishing guides on these islands - by making your voice heard.

Below are links to 2 petitions: 1 to support the Grand Bahama parks, one to support the Abaco parks. Please sign them both, and tell your friends about it so they can sign too.

Grand Bahama is home to three national parks managed by the Bahamas National Trust; The Rand Nature Centre, Peterson Cay National Park, and the Lucayan National Park. Unfortunately, the existing national parks in Grand Bahama do not protect critically important marine habitats, that are essential for sustaining fisheries and the livelihoods that depend on it.

Grand Bahamas petition

Help protect essential bonefish habitat in The Abaco Marls, Cross Harbour, and East Abaco Creeks; these proposed protected areas aim to protect the habitat while still allowing the public to fish there under current marine resources regulations.

Abaco petition


Issue #40


The everyman sport you’ll probably be really good at

No, it's not bowling.



Evans Creek dams on track for removal this summer

Two of Oregon's worst wild fish barriers are on track to be jettisoned from Evans Creek this summer under a plan to open as much as 70 miles of prime spawning habitat for the Rogue River Basin's wild salmon and steelhead.

Project managers last week garnered a key state fish-passage permit that will help push other state and federal permits forward for removing the crumbling and abandoned Fielder and Wimer dams, which impede migrating wild salmon, including threatened wild coho.

LINK (via:The Mail Tribune)


Trout Unlimited looks to make waves, again

A brief history of the Ferdinand Hayden chapter of Trout Unlimited and the recent efforts to revitalize the chapter.

LINK (via: The Aspen Daily News)

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