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Update for Hero4 next month! GoPro Tip #436 

Mitch Bergsma is stoked about the new GoPro Hero 4 updates coming next month.


Salt365 official trailer - Fly Fishing Film Tour 2015

Two lifelong surfers living in Orange County California, and from opposites ends of the earth, forge a strong, late in life friendship through their shared passion for the obscure sport of saltwater fly fishing. A peek behind the Orange curtain into the Southern California ocean lifestyle through the lives of Capt. Vaughn Podmore & Keith Munemitsu.


December 2014 SOTM Winner - Lahontan


Blake Hunter and his rotund lahontan wrap up 2014 with a December victory.  Stay tuned for 2014 Slab of the Year Voting...




Closing In on 50,000 Signatures

A crew from Patagonia will be heading to Washington DC next week to deliver the petition to Crack Down on Deadbeat Dams directly to the White House.

There are currently just over 1,300 more signatures needed to get to the magic 50,000 mark.

Mission accomplished! There are now over 50K signatures on the deadbeat dam removal petition.



110 Outdoor Ambassadors

Not many fly fisherman or women on this list.

LINK (via: GearJunkie)


Your new Congress hard at work 

Photo: NPS

The new new Congress has launched it's anti-environment agenda with a 'no more National Parks’ bill.

The bill, introduced by Rep. Don Young (R-AK), would amend the 1906 Antiquities Act to effectively block the President from designating any new national monuments without congressional approval and an extensive environmental review. Additionally, the bill would require the President to seek approval from nearby state governments for marine monument proposals.

LINK (via: Think Progress)