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Climbing perch may make it to mainland Australia

An aggressive foreign fish that can move across dry land and choke birds and other fish is threatening to make its way onto Australian soil from Papua New Guinea.

Researchers and rangers are monitoring the climbing perch, which has already overrun waterways on two Queensland islands in the Torres Strait.

The noxious fish can last several days on land by using lungs to breathe.

LINK (via:ABC)


Chris Sandford's 'STUFF' - Episode 2


Trouble in Paradise

There are some new rules proposals being put forth by the Bahamian Government that, among other things, could end wading the flats without a guide or any foreign ownership of a lodge.

For a thorough analysis of the rules proposals and the ramifications we strongly urge you to read the three stories and their associated comments via the links below. Then you should immediately send your comments regarding these proposed rules changes to the Bahamian Department of Marine Resources by email @

The comment period for these proposals ends on Friday!

How to Destroy the Bahamas, A Guide

There is some really frightening proposed legislation floating around the Bahamas and they’ve given us about a week to let our opinions be known. I’ve looked at it and it does not make me happy, and except for a few people, I wouldn’t think most Bahamians would be too happy with it either.

LINK (via: Bonefish on the Brain)

Is Flats Fishing In The Bahamas Over?

I’ve been bonefishing in the Bahamas for some time now. Over a decade anyway. Twice a year, I take groups of ten anglers for guided fishing at a lodge and at least once a year I do a DIY trip. If you’ve been reading Gink and Gasoline for any time at all, you know of my love affair with these beautiful islands, their people and their fish. Today I am wondering if that is all coming to an end.

LINK (via: Gink+Gasoline) 

Proposed Bahamian Fishing Regulations – Is The Sky Falling?

As of this morning I have heard from or personally spoken to many of the non-Bahamian lodge owners (they are worried sick), talked to independent guides, owners of second homes who fish and handfuls of stake holders who provide services (home rental, car rental, groceries, restaurants) seeking their views.  Other than a few independent guides, I can’t find anyone who was part of a consultive process in anything other than a cursory way.

LINK (via: DIY Bonefishing)


To The Pebble Partnership

There are many reasons to quit the Pebble Mine. Through a series of ads running this week and next in Politico, NRDC is giving the Pebble Partnership a handful.

LINK (via: NRDC)



Congratulations to Team USA who took the Silver Medal, and Devin Olsen who scored the individual Bronze, at the recent 35th World Fly Fishing Championships in Jajce, Bosnia.



Stories that make the Chum want to freebase Zap-A-Gap

Photo:Wicker Paradise

“There are some serious fishermen with resources who won’t go anywhere without a private room and Wi-Fi,” he said.

LINK (via: The NY Times)