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Yellowstone Invites Anglers To “Talk Trout”

The National Park Service wants to talk trout in Yellowstone.

Yellowstone is known as a prime destination for anglers. However, protecting and preserving the park’s world class trout fisheries is an ever increasing challenge.

Park staff members will travel to nearby communities in the coming weeks to talk with anglers about the ongoing efforts to restore native fish species, the threat of aquatic invasive species and recent changes to fishing regulations.

In addition to the general public, local fly shop employees and fishing guides are encouraged to attend one of the following outreach meetings:

Mon., April 28 - Holiday Inn, 315 Yellowstone Ave. West Yellowstone
Tues., April 29 - Wort Hotel, 50 North Glenwood St. Jackson
Wed., April 30 in Cody, Wyo. at the Holiday Inn, 1701 Sheridan Ave.
Mon., May 5 - Best Western Plus GranTree Inn, 1325 N 7th Ave. Bozeman
Tues., May 6 - Best Western Yellowstone Inn, 1515 W Park St. Livingston
Wed., May 7 - Holiday Inn Grand Montana Billings, 5500 Midland Rd. Billings

The meetings will begin with a brief presentation at 6:30 p.m., followed by a question and answer session and discussion.



I was dreamin' when I wrote this.... Forgive me if it goes astray  

Ray Montoya serves up some magentic tape footage and a really nice bonefish from back in 1999.


S.C.O.F. #11


Bowl Du Toilette

Anyone who has ever swirled a double mysis shrimp rig through the toliet bowl has wondered what it must look like down there.

Well wonder no more.

via: The Flyfish Journal


Colorado River reaches the Gulf of California once more

Last month, water flowing in the Colorado River Delta completed the journey from its headwaters in the Colorado Rockies all the way to the Gulf of California for the first time since the late 1990s. The experimental flow is meant to help restore an ecosystem starved of water by over-use and dams for many decades.

New York-based photographer John Trotter spent 10 days at the Delta in Mexico to document the historic releases.

LINK (via:High Country News)


Kitimat Rejects Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline

The residents of Kitimat, B.C. have voted against the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline in a non-binding plebiscite.

Enbridge came under criticism during the lead-up to Saturday’s vote, with opponents accusing the company of taking advantage of the lack of any rules on spending limits for municipal plebiscites and referendums.

Enbridge has yet to release any figures as of yet on what they spent on the campaign and said it will continue its efforts to obtain public approval.

LINK (via:The Province)

Nathan Cullen, NDP MP for Skeena—Bulkley Valley Cullen said Enbridge should just stop the project.

"I am overwhelmed, I am feeling so good about the people here in Kitimat.  Despite all the money, and all the cynicism, bullying that's been going on here, people got together - native, non-native, neighbour to neighbour - and raised their voices tonight," said Cullen, who was interrupted by cars driving by, honking and cheering.

"I am sure they will spin it.  But we know we're on the right side of right...Enbridge should listen, the Conservative government should listen," reacted Cullen.

LINK (via:Vancouver Observer)

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