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Trevally Tuesday

Legendary Christmas Island guide Moana Kofe releases a freshly tagged Caranx ignobilis.


Chuitna - More Than Salmon On The Line Trailer

Just 40 miles across the Cook Inlet from Anchorage lies the Chuitna River, one of the world’s last salmon strongholds that boasts runs of all five species of wild Pacific salmon.

Unfortunately, this unspoiled Alaskan wilderness is slated for destruction because of PacRim Coal’s proposal to develop one of the largest open pit coal mines directly through the salmon rich waters of the Chuitna River.

Chuitna chronicles the journey of conservation-minded fly fishermen who travel to Alaska’s unspoiled Chuitna Watershed to wade waist-deep into its salmon-rich waters and the fight to defeat the proposed Chuitna Coal Mine.

Join the effort to save the Chuitna!



Sleeping with Weapons

Why did John Lurie of Fishing with John fame disappear?

LINK (via: The New Yorker)


Once more into the breach debate

Once a company man, Jim Waddell now finds himself challenging the agency he spent a career serving.

In so doing, he has established himself as a threat to those defending the four lower Snake River dams and a champion of breachers, who have adopted a new strategy that questions whether the massive costs associated with operating and maintaining the dams is money well spent.

LINK (via: Save our Wild Salmon)


The Lack of Snow in the Olympic Mountains Could be Terrible News for Salmon.....

....and steelhead.

The winter of 2014-15 is shaping up to give the mountains of the west one of their worst snowpacks in recent memory. While many look at the lack of snow this year and are concerned about the economic impact on ski areas and the increase of wildfire danger over the summer, the environmental impact of years like this has the potential to be far more devastating.

LINK (via: The Outdoor Society)


Tail #16