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Friday Pin Up 


Montana Fly Fishing Spring 2015


Man Rig: Intrepid 475 Panacea Quad 7 Marine Edition

 Equipped with $272,000 worth of marine grade GM 6.2L supercharged LS engines.

LINK (via: Jalopnik)


The 3DR Solo Is One Scary-Smart Drone


The $1,000 Solo drone (or $1,400 with a GoPro-holding gimbal included) is full of clever tools to automate and simplify shooting. There’s even a one-click way to take an ultra-dramatic selfie video. But one of the most impressive features is that the drone will be sold as an open platform, allowing hackers to tinker with the hardware and software.

LINK (via: Wired)


Keep Nestle out of the Columbia River

This bit of news boggles the mind.

From The Oregonian: The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has agreed to trade its water rights at Oxbow Springs to pave the way for a Nestle bottled water plant in Cascade Locks.

Cascade Locks City Administrator Gordon Zimmerman said the city and the state wildlife agency jointly submitted paperwork Friday morning to initiate a water rights cross transfer, with the state trading spring water for the city’s well water.

The Columbia River Gorge city will then pass the spring water on to Nestle, which will bottle and sell it.

What’s the problem with this plan? Other than trading your water rights off to a multi national corporation?

Well, the bottling plant could adversely affect migratory fish. Salmon and steelhead passing through the Lower Columbia to points and tributaries upriver often have to deal with high temperatures, and Herman Creek provides a cold water thermal refuge.

LINK (via The Caddis Fly)

You can TAKE ACTION here.

Read all about Nestle's predatory practices.


TAKE ACTION: Tell NOAA Not to Compromise on Wild Steelhead Protection


A VERY important action alert from the Wild Fish Conservancy.

After 11 years of NOAA promising an environmental impact statement (EIS) rigorously evaluating Puget Sound steelhead hatcheries, NOAA has suddenly withdrawn its draft EIS and opted for a cursory environmental assessment (EA), with only 30 days for public comment. This reversal of course comes at the request of the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife and would support its proposed annual release of 290,000 Chambers Creek hatchery steelhead into three Puget Sound watersheds—the Nooksack, Stillaguamish, and Dungeness.  The low bar of an EA does not fulfill the requirements or purposes of NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act).  An EIS is needed to fully evaluate the cumulative effects of all Puget Sound hatchery programs on threatened species, including Puget Sound steelhead.

If you care about wild steelhead, please take a few minutes and tell NOAA that they need to require an EIS or at least add another 30-60 days onto the comment period for the EA. Hit the TAKE ACTION link below and simply fill in the pertinent contact info, click the "Submit" button, and your message will be sent to the appropriate recipients.


Comments must be received no later than 5p.m. Pacific time on April 27, 2015.