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The weather outside is frightful


You know it's bad when Pirate turns down a walk.  Not typical Seattle snow.  This is the real deal.  Fish will have to wait.


Insert easy “reeling them in” joke here

Greg Newton calls out the sons of indicted financier Bernard Madoff who also happen to be the principle investors at Abel.

While Madoff brats Mark and Andrew loudly protest innocence, not to mention ignorance, of their father’s long-running record-breaking Ponzi scheme, it seems they’ve got a little business to fall back on in case their current employment at Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC goes boom. According to a Nov. 15 2007 press release:

CAMARILLO, Calif. – A small group of private investors has acquired Abel Automatics, Inc. manufacturers of precision machined fly-fishing reels and fishing accessories...New York-based Abel Holdings LLC assumed control of the company Nov. 9... 

LINK (Via:Seeking Alpha)

The Wall St. tabloid Dealbreaker has run a couple of blistering posts on the brothers.

They ran this picture of Mark and Andrew for a caption contest that generated 90 responses.


This second post with accompanying You Tube video generated this priceless comment.

Oh, they're into saltwater fishing as well. There's no telling how much they have in gear. The entire $50 Billion may be wrapped up in their hobby.

A lot of people are dubious as to whether or not the Madoff brothers, Mark and Andy, really had no idea the firm they were working for was--what's the word?--a Ponzi scheme. How could they not, right? Perhaps because while daddy was busy defrauding everyone in the Western world, they were giving fishing tutorials.


See spot inhale


Jonathan Heard lays down a SOTM speckler with authority.  We're just gonna assume this wasn't a sandbagger and it was caught in the Southern Hemisphere :)


Alan Corbett Photos

With the help of his gooch Hibernation Parka, our boy Alan Corbett just came back from Hudson Bay with these surreal bear pics.  Aside from being a sick photographer, Alan is also an endorsed product tester for Kimberly Clark - specifically their Depend brand.

Here are a couple of my favorites.  Get some of this action for yourself





Elk Creek Steelhead


12 miles into its journey, this slab was disrupted by Chummist, Chris Thompson.  The Eastern Chum contingent continues to deliver a December bitch slap to us Western steel seekers.


This is the fish that bacon would come from, if bacon came from fish


LINK (Via: Hamburgerpanda)