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Mierda, ah! Que va a dejar una huella!

sent to us by Spanish chum enthusiast - Jose Weigland

For the English translation, download the iTranslate app on your iPhone - a must have for your next south-of-the-border excursion.


State Biologists Euthanize Five More California Sea Lions 


California sea lions were as scarce as spring chinook salmon in the area just below the lower Columbia River's Bonneville Dam after state biologists captured seven of the big creatures and removed five of them.

LINK  (Via:The Columbia Basin Bulletin)


Salmon fishing in Iceland 

Arousing underwater footage of several salmon taking a fly.

Via: Fresh Art


And you thought the Missouri trout opener was crowded

Hundreds of thousands of people descended on a frozen river in Korea in to drill through the ice to hook mountain trout - or even fish for them with their bare hands .

LINK  (Via:The Mail Online)


Some Days You're the Osprey.......

Some days the fish.


A Compleat Compendium of Fact, Folklore, Fun and Fancy on the Gentle Art of Angling

A rare BBC radio recording from February 1970, featuring, among others, angling greats Fred J Taylor and Clive Gammon, folk song from Brett Stevens and even an angling quiz, presented by one of the greatest natural history writers and broadcasters, the late Eric Simms.

Listen to it as a podcast HERE and view the original LP artwork in the Caught by the River gallery HERE.

Via: Caught By the River