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Another Sexy Brookie

We cannot possibly control the number of silly good Brook Trout photos...we can only hope to contain them.

This one from Chum Comrade - Danny Frank.


Hustle and Fish screening at Sierra Club, Portland

Sierra Club Portland is throwing a Hustle and Fish screening party at their Portland office. Here's what you get (on the house):

  • Tillamook Rivers Slideshow
  • Free Beer and Snacks
  • Another disturbing exposure to Al Brautinwood (google him if you must)




New Episodes of the Fish Schtick

Updated episodes can be found on our Podcast page here.

Recent lineup:

Episode 10: Mikey Weir, Patagonia fly fishing embassador

Episode 11: Fish Schtick Hosts

Episode 12: Bill Klyn, Marketing Director, Patagonia

Episode 13: Conway Bowman: TV Host and Extreme Fly Charter Captain

Episode 14: Robert Montgomery: Senior Writer, ESPN BASS Publications

Episode 15: Eric Rathbun: Co Editor, Moldy Chum and founder of Reel Pure


Alexandra Morton's letter to the fisheries minister on missing sockeye

Fish biologist Alexandra Morton wrote a letter to Fisheries Minister Gail Shea regarding this year's dismal return of sockeye salmon to the Fraser River.

LINK (Via:

Fisheries Minister Shea probably did not get the letter right away because she was in Norway attending an aqua culture (fish farm) trade show.

LINK  (Via:

Meanwhile another sea lice factory has been proposed for the Johnstone Strait.

A proposed new fish farm in Johnstone Strait has won a qualified approval from the Strathcona Regional District, which takes in the midsection of Vancouver Island and a stretch of the mainland north of Powell River.

"This is where the waters funnel through Johnstone Strait," Ruby Berry, a spokeswoman for Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform, said Friday. "All of the juvenile salmon that migrate through the Georgia Strait have to pass by this farm."

LINK (Via: The Globe and Mail)


Letter to the Editor

This sure beats hate mail.

Message: Hey guys-

I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank you for the Moldy Chum decal. I'm now the envy of all my friends that fish.

The funny part is seeing people's reactions when they pull up behind me at a light. For those in the know I gotten the thumbs up and a wave. However people that aren't familiar with the site are certainly perplexed and it has made the daily commute much more interesting. There are quite a few strange looks. One older couple was participially amusing.

Now I'm guessing at the conversation, but I have to be close based on their facial features and the vigorous discussion that appeared to be going on.

Older gentleman, "What does the sticker on that Subaru say?" (While squinting very hard to see it) Older lady, "Coldy Drum?"
OG, "That makes no sense."
OL, "Moldy Chum?"
OG, "That makes even less sense."

Both are now leaning forward and squinting really hard to read the decal.

OG, "It does say Moldy Chum."
OL, "Why would you put a decal on the car about dead fish?"
OG, "Maybe he owns in a fish market?"
OL, "Are you going to advertise bad fish if you own a fish market?"
OG, "I don't get it."

As the light turns green I quickly changed lanes and slowed a bit just so I could see them drive by. Both looked at me like my hair was on fire. It made for a great start to the day.

Thanks again-

Chum decals available here


Mimi Matsuda Wildlife & Landscape Art  

Mimi Matsuda is a Bozeman artist and former Yellowstone National Park ranger naturalist.