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Vintage Chum - Hardy's Circa 1930

Customer testimonial from the catalog.

I enclose cheque for 16ft Split Bamboo "Special" rod which arrived this afternoon. It is a very beautiful weapon and I am much obliged to you for your promptness in responding to my telegram.

- Field-Marshal Viscount Allenby

Of course we had to do a little research on Field Marshal Allenby. Turns out that in addition to being a fan of Hardy rods he is also quite famous.

Allenby commanded British forces in the Middle East during World War I. His victory over the Turks at Gaza in 1917 led to the capture of Jerusalem, and his capture of Damascus and Aleppo, ended Ottoman power in Syria. It was the last time calvary was to be decisive in modern warfare and Allenby and T.E. Lawrence of Arabia emerged from that part of the war as its most famous names. Allenby was also appointed high commissioner of Egypt and he steered that country to recognition as a sovereign state in 1922. The Field-Marshal retired from public service in 1925 and probably ordered that Hardy rod soon thereafter.

Hardy also liked to celebrate their casting exhibition victories with fancy posters.

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Fishy Kid Three Months of Summer Contest Ending Soon

Cam over at Fishy Kid asks, "Where did the summer go?" We're asking the same question here in the cloudy and cool Pacific Northwest.

Even if summer is holding on in your neck of the woods, the Fishy Kid Three Months of Summer contest is ending next week. To participate just upload your fishy kid themed photo into the approproiate gallery and you're eligible to win one of twenty great prizes.

While you're at it check out Sleeping in the Dirt - Kids Edition.


Daiwa / A Fishing Ape Pop Up Store

Pop-up retail or pop-up stores is a relatively recent trend of opening short-term retail store spaces.

Daiwa opened A Fishing Ape, a pop-up retail space that takes a page out of the urban fashion/skate/ snowboard scene to promote their Fishing Ape and DV1 "Freestyle" fishing tackle and New Style apparel. It's a marketing campaign and product line up like nothing you've ever seen before from a conventional tackle brand and it's uniquely Japanese.

The A Fishing Ape store has its own micro-site and there are also dedicated sites for their DV1 rods and New Style apparel line.

(Via: Caught by the River)


Contract to remove Elwha dams goes to Montana firm

Another milestone has been reached towards the removal of the two dams on the Elwah and restoration of it's once vibrant runs of salmon and steelhead

After decades of talking about it, the feds finally signed a contract Thursday to take down two dams on the Elwha River in the largest such project ever in North America.

The goal is to restore the Elwha River ecosystem, especially its fabled salmon fisheries, choked off by two dams for nearly a century. The takedown of the dams will take about three years to complete. The first concrete will come out of the dams beginning just about a year from now, in September 2011.

LINK (Via: The Seattle Times)


The Tripod Fish

The most bizarre fish you're going to see all day.

(Via: Doobybrain)


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